I recently found this article on the Huffington post written by Sheryl Paul. As a bride planning your wedding day you are consumed with color choices, flowers arrangement and seating charts. You are thrilled to be marrying the man of your dreams and can’t wait to say “I Do”. We all understand that and those things are fun and exciting but don’t forget the real reason all of this is happening, you two were fortunate enough to find something special in one another.

What is so great about Sheryl’s article is it is real talk. It talks about how couples think the wedding day should be the best day ever, the day when you are more in love with each other than any other time. Unfortunately these types of expectations are not good, yet no one talks about why they aren’t. Take a moment, while you are sipping your coffee to read the following article. I think it’s a great reminder that marriage is a work in progress and don’t beat yourself up if every moment isn’t like a fairytale.

Read Sheryl Paul’s article here.

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