Picking your wedding day colors can be overwhelming, where do you start?! Start by leaning toward colors you are already attracted to in your life. Look at the colors you use to decorate you home and what colors do you tend to wear the most? This will tell you right away what you like and you can then start looking for ideas to decorate your wedding day. Purple is a favorite this season and I think it never goes out of style. From deep plums to pale lavenders, you can add this regal color to your ceremony and reception with ease. Since it’s such a bold color you won’t need to add an accent color to it. Let the richness of the color shine on it’s own. Below are style boards for you to get ideas for your wedding day. Enjoy!


An all lilac bridal bouquet looks and smells amazing. Lovely purple birds invite guests to your big day.

Rich, purple linens change the look of this reception.

Lovely purple tulips and calla lillies for a wedding bouquet. Purple bridesmaids accent the bride and groom.

Purple wedding shoes and lilac and tulip bridal bouquet. Single tier, pale lavender cake.

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