Magnets?  Photo cards?  Been there.  Done that.  In fact, probably every 20- or 30-something has had a refrigerator covered in them at some point or another.  So what can you do to stand out in today’s crowd of wedding invitations and save the date cards?

Perhaps find inspiration from your hobbies or a job you really love.  For example, this couple who are both photographers decided to reuse old film canisters for their unique wedding invitations.

Jill and Matt might be using the standard paper card for their wedding invitation, but read through it and find out just how creative it is.  I love how much their personalities and who they are as a couple come through just by using simple words, fonts, designs and layouts.

Now this one is probably a bit out of most of your budgets, but if you have $3450 lying around to spend on 100 custom viewmaster wedding invitations, this would be an awesome way to summon your guests!  Melangerienyc sells these bad boys on Etsy if you’re interested in more details.

Want to bribe your guests to come to your wedding with a little tasty treat?  Try these chocolate bars with custom wrappers.

Keeping your wedding a secret and want to give only those few people lucky enough to be invited the special decoder glasses?  Or more likely, do you just love pop art and that’s the theme for your wedding?  Check out this fun decoder save the date idea.

Blow up your wedding guests’ expectations with these creative save the date ideas: Include a balloon in the card.

Use book titles to spell out your message or send out custom matchboxes.



Ticket stubs are always a fun choice for weddings with some sort of event theme (music, broadway, movies, etc.)

Give your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come at your wedding by sending little burlap pouches filled with a few clues.

Make your wedding guests feel lucky with these lottery scratch tickets.  Everyone’s a winner with this save the date idea!  Plus, it looks like it’s super easy to make using a little soap and metallic acrylic paint.  Check out Martha Stewart for instructions.

It may be just another photo card, but it’s fun and creative, especially if you plan on having a wedding theme relating to the movie in any way.

Again, it’s a simple save the date card for those of you tying the knot, but with that extra bit of creativity.  It’s a good idea if you want to have a “green” or rustic themed wedding.

1 Comment on Creative Wedding Invitations & Save the Date Ideas

  1. Angela Chapman
    September 14, 2016 at 2:09 pm (5 months ago)

    I love these ideas! Such a nice change form the standard fridge magnet or post card. I really like the balloon, how fun!


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