There are so many ways to make your wedding unique, which can honestly be a little overwhelming, especially for all you super creative perfectionists out there.  Don’t worry, I count myself among you.  I know your pain!  That’s why I’m here most days helping you find some great ideas for your wedding.  Today’s theme is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to making your wedding stand out.  If you’re at that point in your life where wedding season hits and you have 5, 10, 20 (!) weddings to attend, are you seriously going to remember them all?  Well, I promise if one wedding has nothing but vintage sofas or luxurious spreads of picnic blankets, you’re going to remember that one.  Why not make the seating arrangements fun for everyone’s tushes as well as appealing to the eye?  Who said white plastic folding chairs are your only option?!  So, get off your booty (or don’t in this case) and do a little couch surfing while you’re surfing the net from your couch and check out these creative wedding seating ideas!

Of course, actually having rows of vintage couches might be a daunting challenge if your guest list is lengthy, but for smaller, more intimate weddings, this idea will rock your guests’ socks off.  Hmm… maybe rocking chairs for the bride and groom would be another great idea!  See how easily one great idea inspires another?

Fancy wrought iron chairs with colorful pillows are WAY more interesting than the white plastic, pillow-less variety.  Plus, it’s another opportunity for all you do-it-yourself-ers out there to take something into your own hands and truly customize your wedding by making your own pillows.

Dust off those old quilts for wedding seating reminiscent of summer days spent in the park.  If you can’t scrounge up enough blankets yourself, just tell guests it’s a BYOB wedding.  …You might want to clarify that means Bring Your Own BLANKET, unless of course you want them to bring their own drinks, too, but that might make you sound a little TOO thrifty.

Summer picnics are always full of great memories, so why would your picnic blanket wedding be any different?  Just remember to include alternative seating for any wedding guests who might not be physically able to sit on the ground.

There’s no need to sit in boring rows anymore.  Change it up by arranging your chairs in a fun spiral pattern.

For those of you who follow our blog, this next one should be familiar.  This shot of straw bales being used for ceremony seating is what got me started on the topic of creative wedding seating.  It was featured in Tuesday’s farm wedding post.

I just love how easily these hay bales can be transformed into beautiful, unique benches that really suit the theme of a farm wedding.

Above: Magic carpet ride, anyone?  I would never have thought of this one on my own, but an Arabian Nights wedding theme could work well minus the infidelity and murder (unless you want to host a murder mystery wedding party).  Rugs could also suit a wedding theme revolving around books and old libraries.

Below: Simple wooden benches stand out with these delicate lace table runners.

These low profile wooden benches with white cushions are perfect for this simple beach wedding.

Another beach wedding idea is to lay down large floor cushions.  Also, here are several circular seating arrangements that allow everyone to get a good look at the bride and groom.

And finally, one more example of spiral seating.

Any other creative wedding seating ideas?  We want to know!  Leave us a comment.

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