After last week’s post on paper flowers by Petalos, I became curious about how to make my own wedding flowers.  I figured there had to be some DIY (do-it-yourself) directions out there, so I did a little digging and found a couple different sets of instructions for making your own wedding decorations and flower bouquets.

The Spiral Method:

This one’s super easy.  Just cut a piece of paper in a spiral pattern and start rolling it up from the outside in.  The resulting floral centerpiece is quite stunning I think, but you could use these little flowers however your imagination desires.

The Wrapping Method:

Materials (to make one giant rose):

• 1 Roll of floral tape
• 6 18-gauge floral stem wire (can find it here)
• 4 sheets of Doublette crepe paper for petals (can find it here – the doublette crepe is $2.50 per sheet and each sheet measures 10 x 49 inches)
• 1 sheet of Doublette crepe paper in green for leaves, calyx, stem
• 1 round pencil
• Craft Glue (we used this kind)
• Crepe paper templates (download from Martha Stewart)
• 3 copies of teardrop template
• 8 copies of the heart-shaped template
• 2 copies of the leaf template
• 1 copy of the calyx template

It’s just a matter of cutting out all the pieces, shaping them and wrapping them around stems using floral tape.  Pretty simple!

Courtesy of  Find complete directions there.

For more ideas on how to use paper flowers as decorations and in place of traditional bouquets, look here:

Paper Flower Boutonnieres

Large Paper Flower Wall Decorations.
Find DIY instructions for the paper bag flowers (pictured on left) at A Place for Us.

Paper Flower Wedding Decorations.
Could be used as centerpieces, table number holders, or seating cards if made in miniature.

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquets.
This one used a map – great for any eco-friendly weddings!

A lot of different paper flower bouquets are available through Paper Source if you just want an easy DIY flower kit.  They range from about $15-20 per bouquet.

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