I’m back from my whirlwind trip to Colorado for a friend’s reception and come bearing some great DIY wedding ideas!  We had such a fun time despite the 100 degree weather and smoke from all the wild fires.  Since the actual wedding took place in Mexico a week prior, it was only fitting that it was so hot for the reception at an award winning Mexican restaurant in Denver called Taqueria Patzcuaro.  Luckily, the patio area was mostly shaded and the restaurant was at least a few degrees cooler inside.  When we arrived, a good friend of the bride welcomed us and pinned little heart-shaped lavender sachets on our sleeves.  I thought this was such a cute idea since weddings are all about expressing feelings and sharing love.  Plus, the heart pins smelled wonderful and would be perfect to throw in a drawer or purse to add a little refreshing scent of lavender.

The bride is a collector of typewriters, so I wasn’t surprised in the least to find that the traditional guest book had been replaced with one of her typewriters and an invitation to share our well wishes with the bride and groom.  I am sure the bride will appreciate the sense of nostalgia created by these letters for years to come.  It was fun to watch guests using the typewriter.  Many of us are too young to have used one regularly, which meant we got a good laugh from our own ineptitude.  It wasn’t so difficult as to deter guests, though, which was important!

All of the furniture and props you see here came from the bride and groom’s home, including the table in the first photo, the typewriter, the suitcase and the shutter screen further down.  They really helped showcase the bride’s personality.  Just below, you can see she used an old suitcase to hold all the fans she made.  These fans came in handy with the hot weather!  In addition to the words of thanks on the front, the fans also had pencils tied to the handles and a word search on the back, which provided a little activity for guests.

The bride’s love of typewriters and the written word were obvious.  She made paper flowers with text to give to a few of her special friends and family.  It would be easy to use pages from an old book for this purpose or you can often find scrapbook paper with the same look.

The bride had a family member make a variety of cupcakes for the wedding.  No need to pay a bakery when you have connections – and good ones at that!  These cupcakes tasted amazing!

Here, the bride used an old shutter door partition from which to hang seed packets as party favors.  Each packet contained cilantro seeds, the same plant used to decorate the reception tables.

I love the old tea canisters she used as vases.  They were just one more expression of her personality that tied everything together!

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