Whether you’re planning an up-do or long flowing tresses for your wedding hair style, fresh flowers are a beautiful way to accent it.  They’re totally easy to do yourself, so take notes and try it out!  Here’s how it’s done:

TOOLS: Floral tape (can be purchased at craft stores, some flower shops or google it and buy it online), beading wire or floral wire, scissors and whatever type of flower you want.  Note: use an open flat flower so it sits nicely against the head.  Some favorites are gardenias, fully bloomed and opened roses, lisianthus, orchids and ranunculus (the flower used in this example).

  1. Push your thin wire through the stem close to the base of the flower.  If the stem is stiff, try poking a needle through first.
  2. Drag the wire through and cut it.  The 2 sides of wire should be even.  Make sure the wire is an inch or 2 longer than the stem so you’ll have room to curl the bottom up like you see in picture #7 below.
  3. Twist each wire around the stem a couple of times, and then twist them around each other.  This will make the wire twice as strong.
  4. Grab your floral tape and start wrapping the stem from the base of the flower.
  5. Keep wrapping until you get all the way to the bottom.
  6. Snip the tape right where you feel the wire ends.
  7. Now roll the bottom back up to make a loop.

Now, use that loop to secure the flower with a bobby pin.  This makes the flower more sturdy and it stays alive longer because you’re not crushing the stem.  Always try to avoid spraying hairspray on the petals of your flower hair pieces!

Do-it-yourself flower wrapping courtesy of The Beauty Department.

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