Today’s post brings a fresh look on food for weddings!  I really fell in love with all the colors and textures that the vegetables lent to the wedding centerpieces shown here.  The cabbage and artichoke are my favorite vase ideas, while the radishes or single carrot paired with a stem of flowers in clear vases are my favorite veggie alternatives to flower centerpieces.  Aside from how pretty and creative they look, they’re an easy do-it-yourself wedding idea and they’re perfect for any bride and groom looking for green wedding ideas.  Instead of having a bunch of vases left over after your event and no idea what to do with them, these vegetable centerpieces are easily composted.  Hopefully the examples below inspire you to dream up your own scrumptious table decorations!

Cabbages and artichokes are a gorgeous choice for purple and green wedding colors.

Asparagus is also highly effective when tied around candles or a clear vase.  This idea along with the artichoke seem to be popular choices for vegetable vases.

Vegetables can be combined with flowers for an added bit of color and texture.

I love how simple this centerpiece idea is.  They would be quick, easy and affordable to make!

All of these table decorations would be great for a country wedding, but work just as well for something more upscale.  The radishes look especially classy.

If you’re not too crazy about all the vegetables themselves, try just using their leaves or choosing a vegetable that doesn’t look so much like your dinner.  Rhubarb is a great example.  It has beautiful pinks, purples and greens!

Hollow out any gourd for a lovely autumn wedding vase.

Work a little harder and you can even make your vegetable centerpiece look more like a traditional flower arrangement.  You could always try peeling and cutting your veggies to give them petals.

1 Comment on How to Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces Using Vegetables

  1. Chanel StClair
    April 29, 2013 at 11:04 am (4 years ago)

    I wish I would of seen this when my daughter was planning her wedding.these are so beautiful.Beyond words…


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