During Monday’s quest to bring you ideas for incorporating love letters into your wedding, I came across a stack of love letters being used to secure a couple’s wedding rings for the ceremony.  This reminded me of how true it is that ring bearer pillows no longer have to be the standard white satin or even a pillow at all.  Many brides are getting more creative with how their rings make the trek up the aisle.  Ideas for ring bearer pillows often stem from a wedding’s theme or have some special meaning to the bride and groom.  From lanterns to cupcakes to beds of moss, here’s how it’s being done:

Heck, you could even tie your rings inside a gumball machine like this one featured in our post on Fancy That, a Portland party goods and gift boutique.  If you have any other creative ring bearer pillow ideas, leave us a comment.  We’d love to hear them!

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