Weddings are all about the coming together of two people.  The histories of those two people play a big part in most weddings.  Friends and family share special memories of them, tell funny stories and play slideshows full of photos.  It makes a lot of sense to incorporate photos into your wedding.  They tell the story of who you are and your relationship with each other.  So how else can you use photos on your big day?  All kinds of wedding decorations lend themselves to a little photographic enhancement.  Check out these ideas:

A table runner made out of photos.

Photos hung in trees with twinkly lights.

A very unique antique photo boutonniere and custom candy bar wrappers with photos.

DIY photo lanterns.  You can also buy actual small lanterns, print photos on vellum or transparencies, and add them to the windows of the lanterns.

This mason jar is filled with olive oil and a photo.  The rich sepia tone is quite stunning.

A teaser of what’s to come – This couple planned on having a photo booth at their reception, so they took a few photos of their own beforehand to include on their seating cards.

Photo tags can be attached to any party favor.  In this case, the couple chose to donate to a charity instead, so these tags are all they needed.

Simple frames filled with photos make nice centerpieces.

Another example of displaying photos in various kinds of bottles.

Print photos on regular paper, cut them out and glue them onto sticks to create your own fans.

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