Happy 4th of July everyone!  We hope you’re having a fun, safe holiday.  In the spirit of celebration, we’re bringing you wedding cupcake toppers that are sure to light your heart on fire (but might burn a hole in your wallet).  I love the heart shaped wedding sparklers in these photos, but they’re definitely a bit expensive — $4.00 per 4-inch sparkler from Tops Malibu.  You can find heart shaped sparklers at Wedding Day Sparklers for less (36 for $32.00), but they haven’t been rated safe for food and their 12-inch length might require some trimming.  However, if you don’t have to have the heart or star and are looking for more affordable cupcake toppers, there are plenty of traditional stick sparklers you can use.  Typically, the sparklers are 4″ long and come in packs of 8.  Sweet Baking Supply has the best offer I’ve seen at only $0.75 per pack and they’re meant for cupcakes, so you know they’re safe for food.  On a side note: Tops Malibu also offers LOVE sparklers.  These would make a great photo opportunity if the bride and groom each held two letters.

Whichever sparklers you choose as your cupcake toppers, you’ll probably need to have someone light them as you serve dessert or provide guests with matches to light their own.  You could have a lighting ceremony kind of like a toast, where someone gives a speech followed by lighting the sparklers and eating the cupcakes.  It would be a nice touch to customize the little matchboxes so that guests could take them home as wedding party favors.  Check out The Knot Wedding Shop if you’re interested.

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