Finding the right containers for your wedding centerpieces can often lead you on a treasure hunt for the perfect pieces.  If you can’t find just what you need, why not make it yourself?  Glass vases or jars are popular choices for wedding centerpieces, but the cost can add up if you need a lot of them and it can be difficult to find much other than clear glass.  One solution that’s budget-friendly and allows you to customize the color of the glass is to tint your own bottles and jars.  You can use anything made out of glass like mason jars or used liquor bottles.  If you can’t collect enough bottles or jars from people you know, Craigslist often has things like this listed in their free section.  Before you get started, you’ll want to run everything through the dishwasher of course and use Goo Gone or a similar product to remove sticky labels.  Other than that, you’ll just need some Mod Podge, water and food coloring to create the perfect wedding centerpieces to match your wedding colors.

Here’s how it’s done:

Microwave 3 Tablespoons of water for 30 seconds then add a lot of gel food color and make sure it is FULLY dissolved.  Next, add 1/2 cup of Mod Podge to the blended food coloring.  Again, mix REALLY well.  At this point, you can add more food color for a more vibrant color.  Just be sure that you mix it really well!  If there are any air bubbles, wait for them to subside before pouring the mixture into the bottle.  The color on your bottle will be reflective once dry and not seem as deep as when it is in your measuring cup.  Gel food color tends to work better than liquid or powder.
Mix the Mod Podge solution with a regular spoon or knife.  The beauty of working with water soluble glue is that clean up is a breeze!  Pour some of the Mod Podge into your bottle, swirl it around to cover the entire glass on the inside, then pour the excess back into your Mod Podge mixture.
If you want varied shades of the same color, start with your lightest color, then deepen your color with progressive bottles.
Put a piece of aluminum foil on a plate, then cover with several paper towels and allow the bottles to drain for about five minutes.
Repeat this process if you want to tint your bottles any other color.
After the bottles drain on the counter upside down for about 5 minutes, turn them upright on the counter and wait another 5 minutes.  This allows the extra paint that did not drip out to settle on the bottom.  Jars and bottles with a flat edge along the bottom will work the best for this technique.  The bottom of the bottles will probably have a little excess Mod Podge.  If you try to tilt the jar again and pour it out, you’ll end up with streaks along the sides of the bottle.

Set the oven to its lowest temperature (around 170 degrees), then place the bottles in the oven on a low rack, being careful not to tilt them while moving them.   Leave them there for 20+ minutes until dry and transparent.  Make sure the excess on the bottom has fully dried, too, before tilting the bottle.  Use a hot pad when you remove the bottles… they will be hot!

Remove the bottles from the oven and let them cool.  Remove the gummy texture from the top of the bottles.  If you prefer a darker color, do it again in the same jar.  Just be sure to cool the bottle first.
Because this is a water soluble mixture, you can not use it as a vase or place water inside a bottle or jar that’s been tinted with Mod Podge.  Also, every oven is different, so definitely keep an eye on your bottles.
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