Rain or shine, day or night, umbrellas are not only practical, but unique wedding decorations.  Inspired by the umbrella lamps in the photo on the left, I started searching for ideas on how to use umbrellas in your wedding.  From giant billowing cloud-like ceiling installations to lamps covered in cocktail umbrellas, you can really give your wedding a unique look with umbrellas.  Check out the photos below for some umbrella ideas that could really light up your wedding decorations.

Bright Night Lighted Umbrellas:

I’ve never seen umbrellas that come equipped with their own light.  This is such a great idea!  Not only are they prefect for walking at night, but they make decorating your wedding with lighted umbrellas super easy.  You don’t have to deal with cords and outlets, just a few batteries.  The only down-side is the cost.  Each umbrella I’ve seen ranges from $26-40.

Do-It-Yourself Umbrella Lighting:

If you can’t afford the Bright Night umbrellas with self-contained lights, you could always make your own lighted umbrellas using battery operated Christmas lights.  Some light strands might be just as expensive as buying one of the Bright Night umbrellas, but look around and you’ll find some more affordable options.  The battery-powered white lights on the left are only $2.78 per 5ft. strand and require 2 C batteries.

Inspiring Wedding Decorations Using Umbrellas:

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