The Candy Buffet has what it takes to satisfy the taste buds of Portland area brides and grooms!  They were recently named the winner of Oregon Bride Magazine‘s 2012 Best Wedding Desserts in Portland.  With their beautifully presented tables full of candy, cupcakes and other wedding desserts, it’s no wonder why they received the winning votes.  YUM!  If you love sweets, but need to cater to special diets on your wedding day, just ask about their sugar free, gluten free and vegan desserts.

Here’s what one customer had to say about The Candy Buffet:

As soon as we started planning our wedding we knew we wanted mini cupcakes!!!!! Liz at The Candy Buffet was recommended to us by a friend and we instantly knew we were in the right hands!! She had so many flavors to chose from and baked us a beautiful box of samples to help us chose the flavors we wanted for our big day! She created the most beautiful dessert table I have ever seen!!! We had many tiers of cupcakes, each at different levels and dripping with stunning crystals that matched the chandeliers of our ballroom perfectly!!! Our guests couldn’t wait to dive into these tiny treats, but not before the bride and groom!! The mini cupcakes were a perfect idea and it was so fun to see our guests chosing their favorite flavor (I think the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting mini cakes, which was the groom’s favorite, won the prize)… Our cupcakes were baked the day before our wedding and were so fluffy and fresh tasting!!! They were hands down one of the sweetest touches of our big day!!!! We would recommend The Candy Buffet to anyone who wants something different for their wedding day….

While The Candy Buffet has a pro stylist to help you with the aesthetics of your dessert table, here are a few tips brought to you by Project Wedding to make sure your wedding desserts look their best:

  • Stick to a color scheme that matches your wedding color palette.
  • Create depth and height in your display.  It’s easy to achieve by placing boxes under the table linen.  Don’t be afraid to use a few props like books, old crates or old suitcases, too.
  • Take advantage of your centerpieces.  Make sure to have an extra dedicated to your dessert table that coordinates with the other centerpieces on your reception tables.
  • Add some trimmings.  Good linens, ribbons and paper can add a nice touch to your overall display.
  • Less is more.  Don’t go overboard and clutter your table!
  • Consider the location of your dessert table.  Will it have a nice backdrop?  Can people access it from all sides?
  • Check the weather.  Make sure you won’t have a messy, melted puddle of dessert!  Avoid candies that easily melt if necessary.
  • Play with your food!  Bundle large lollipops together like a bouquet of flowers or skewer some marshmallows to simulate kabobs.
  • Consider your containers carefully and be creative.  You can use more than just jars.  Vases, small rustic pails, wicker baskets, cake stands, flat platters and other serving ware can make a great impact.
  • Don’t forget to include small plastic cups, napkins, plates or other items for guests to pile their sweet treats on.  If your candy buffet doubles as party favors, be sure to provide little bags or boxes for guests.

From fun and whimsical to chic and elegant, whatever the occasion, the possibilities are endless!  If you’re interested in having The Candy Buffet cater and design a dessert or candy buffet table for your wedding day, call them at 360.521.6938 or send them an email at  You can also check them out on their Facebook page.

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