Details are everything in a wedding.  There are so many of them!  I needed a notebook to keep track of all the details for my wedding.  If you’re not already completely overwhelmed by your list of details, consider adding personalized wedding hangers to your pile of bridal accessories.  Every photographer takes a million pictures of your dress.  If you’re going to hang it in the window, over the door or from a tree, why not make the hanger holding the dress add to the image rather than detract from it?  Luckily, you can find these fun wedding hangers right here in town from a Portland-based seller on Etsy, Your Bridal.  Here are a few examples of their work at $20 per hanger:

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Hangers:

Want to try your hand at a little wire bending of your own?  Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to make your own custom wedding hangers brought to you by fellow wedding planners, Chris and Michelle:


  • Wooden hanger.  Target has a 5-pack for $3.99.
  • 12 gauge floral wire.  A craft store like Michael’s should have some.  Buy more than you think you’ll need, because you’ll probably need the practice!  If you want colored wire, check out the jewelry section.
  • Craft glue.
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Dremel or drill (use a 5/64″ bit or something similar)
  • Pen or marker

Step 1:


Start to shape the letters.  Try not to make the letters too big.  Use the pliers to help shape the letters and tighten the loops.  Make sure you leave enough wire on either side of the name to make sure you can get the name centered on the hanger.

Step 2:


Determine where you want to attach the name on the hanger and make a mark.  Clip any extra wire off to make it centered.  Use the dremel/drill to drill a hole where you’ll put the wire in.  If the hanger starts to smoke, go slowly!  You might need to start by drilling straight into the hanger to get the hole started, and then drill in at an angle.  Don’t drill all the way through.  The hole should be just big enough for the wire to fit securely in the hanger.

Step 3:


After drilling the hole, make sure the wire fits securely into the hole.  Put a little glue on the ends of the wire and insert them into the hanger.  Let it dry overnight.

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