The movie theater.  If ever there was a place where couples new and old come together, this would be it.  Can you count how much hand-holding, how many secret kisses in the dark, how many flutters of the heart take place in movie theaters?  Probably not, because that’s where love first begins for so many couples.  And the great thing is, love continues to thrive there throughout the lifespan of a relationship.  So what better way to salute love and coming together than to have a movie themed wedding?  Today’s post isn’t just about movie weddings, though, it’s about the even more romantic throwback of drive-in movie theaters.  I was inspired by an engagement shoot photographed by Hollie of Lytle foto in Atlanta, Georgia, which you can see images from further down.  Hollie says she was inspired to put together this amazing drive-in movie concept by the couple’s love of movies.  “Cozy quilts, hamburgers and shakes, vintage projectors and a sexy vintage car set the scene for love,” said Hollie.  Although these photos come from an engagement shoot, the ideas and props found in them could easily translate into a movie themed wedding.
Engagement Shoot: A Night at the Drive-In Engagement Shoot: A Night at the Drive-In Engagement Shoot: A Night at the Drive-In Engagement Shoot: A Night at the Drive-In

Movie themed wedding ideas:

  • Have guests listen to the ceremony from their parked cars while video of you is projected onto the big screen.  Very few drive-in theaters are still in operation, but you can find one in Newberg and another in Dallas.
  • No access to an actual drive-in movie theater?  Lay out picnic blankets, rent a projector and set up a white screen to view your favorite movie or showcase the traditional slideshow of the bride and groom’s photos.
  • Send ticket stubs as save the dates or as part of your wedding invitations. is one such provider of custom tickets.
  • Have a concession stand or candy bar set up instead of a cake table.  The Candy Buffet was just named Best of 2012 by Oregon Bride Magazine and was featured in Portland Bride & Groom, so definitely check them out!  We’ll have a post just for them coming on Saturday.
  • Hire a videographer to record your wedding day.  You’ll be the star of the show!  Also have him/her record guests telling you their best wishes and funny or memorable stories about you two.  We recently highlighted Portland videographer, Hybrid Moon.
  • Use movie set clapboards as table number centerpieces or let guests use them along with the videographer to feel like they’re the actors and directors.
  • Have your own Hollywood walk of fame by making star seating cards.
  • Leave autograph books at each table/car/picnic blanket for guests to sign their best “star’s autograph” signature, draw, or otherwise write in.

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  1. Ariel See
    April 12, 2013 at 2:25 am (4 years ago)

    wow, i love your concept.


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