Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with all the cards you receive?  Do most of them end up shoved in a box, the back of a drawer or in the recycling?  If all the cards say “Happy Birthday!” and nothing more, that’s understandable, but what if they’re your wedding cards and people you care about have left heartfelt messages in them?  These words of wisdom, advice, love and support are valuable and worth keeping.  While your wedding is only one day, your marriage is a journey over a lifetime.  Whether you think you need it or not, sometimes it’s good to remind yourselves why you entered into a marriage together and how you want to nurture that relationship.  Compiling your wedding cards into a book or time capsule are two great ways to do this.  They make it easy to hold onto those memories and they’re pretty to look at!  Check out these tutorials on how to save your wedding cards.

Accordion Envelope Books:

Tutorial brought to you by Whimsy Love.


-glue stick
-razor blade
-scrap papers

{Step 1}

The first thing you’ll want to do is put glue on the flap of all but 1 envelope and glue them to the front side of each other.  The flap of the first envelope will not be glued.  It will become the front cover of your book.

{Step 2}

After they’re all glued, you’ll fold them, accordion style, back-n-forth to form a book.  (See above.)

{Step 3}

Place an envelope flap on some pretty scrapbook paper and trace around the flap onto the paper.  Cut it out using regular scissors, then use decorative scissors to give the side nearest the envelope fold a decorative edge.  Glue the finished piece of scrapbook paper onto the flap of the first envelop in your book.  This is your book’s cover.

{Step 4}

Open your book all the way and measure the very last envelope to find the center point on both sides.   Cut a small slice through the envelope on each side just large enough for your ribbon to slide through.  You’ll have to reach inside your envelope to slice the side where the bottom of the last envelope lays.  It’s easier this way.

Now slide your ribbon through both slots.  When your book is closed, your ribbon will tie everything closed nicely.


Ring Album:

You can find the (very) complete details for this tutorial on how to turn your wedding cards into a ring album at Something Turquoise, but here’s the Cliff Notes version.  Cut out 2 cardboard pieces slightly larger than your biggest card, decorate them however you please, punch holes in the corners of the covers and cards, then slide a ring through the holes to bind it all together!


Paint Can Time Capsule:

You can purchase new paint cans at your local home improvement store and decorate them using scrapbook paper, stickers, paint or whatever you want.  Inside, you place any wedding cards with important messages, a copy of your wedding invitation, save the date, programs, dried boutonniere, or any other mementos you’d like.  Put the lid on and save it for your 1st, 5th or whatever anniversary you want!

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