Beach Wedding Solutions

Getting married on the beach presents certain challenges when it comes to fashion.  Are you ready to get wet and dirty in your dress?  Would you rather wear a short and flirty dress to avoid the sand and waves catching the hem?  What if you can’t give up on the idea of having a long train, but don’t want your dress to get dirty?  Well, here are a few choices to solve the problem of sand and water.

Wedding Aisle Runners

Aisle runners are standard for many weddings, but what about expanding it a bit to include a slightly larger area?  Think mini-stage at the altar.  Tamp down the sand in the area where your ceremony will be held and lay a large piece of fabric over the sand wherever the bride will be walking.  Make sure to stretch it out and stake it down to avoid too many wrinkles.  You wouldn’t want anyone to trip!  Other great materials to use are seagrass, burlap, reclaimed wood nailed or screwed into sections you can easily transport or straw beach mats sewn together.  Check out this tutorial on how to make a beach mat aisle runner if you’re interested.  You can buy bamboo aisle runners, but it’s much cheaper to do it yourself!


Beach Wedding Solutions

The Right Dress

Choose a wedding dress with a detachable train.  Utilize a larger aisle runner like discussed above, enjoy your long flowing train during the ceremony, then take it off for an easy, breezy party at the reception!  There are fewer dresses with this option, but you can still find some beautiful gowns if you search!  I love the mermaid style dress with flowing layers you see below by Dere Kiang.  (And, yes, you can pin up an attached train, but it’s more cumbersome once bustled and will still drag on the ground.)

If you’re not afraid to let your dress get a little wet and sandy, choose a simple wedding dress like this one.  It reminds me of an elegant swimsuit ready to pick up a bit of sand and water.  Since you only wear it once, why not wear it well?!

Want to avoid the hassle of a traditional wedding dress on the beach?  Keep it short and sweet.

And now, beach wedding inspiration —

For the Bride:

Mermaid style wedding dress with detachable train from Jasmine Bridal.

For the Groom:

Green sea glass cufflinks from HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry.

For the Bridesmaids:

For the Tables:

 To Eat:

To Give:

{LEFT} Green sea glass windchime from Stonewall Kitchen.  Hang one of these windchimes on each side of the ceremony aisle for decoration, then give them to the parents of the bride and groom as gifts.  {RIGHT} Make your own sea glass soap as gifts for your bridesmaids or as wedding favors for your guests.  Check out this do-it-yourself tutorial from The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe to find out how it’s done.

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