DIY Tutorial on how to make wedding pomanders:

It’s super easy to make these paper flower wedding pomanders.  So easy, I probably don’t even need to give you step by step instructions.  I know some people like to have it all written out, though, so here I go anyway!


Styrofoam Balls (Choose the size that best suits your needs, but I recommend using at least a 4-inch ball.)
Hydrangea punch sold by Martha Stewart (or any similar flower punch)
– Paper (You can use virtually any color, size or type of paper except something really thin like tissue paper.)
Pins with round pearl heads (Choose a color that goes well with your paper color.  You can get pins with a variety of different kinds of heads, too, so that’s also up to you.)
– Ribbon, twine or other string-like material if you plan to hang them.

{Step 1}
Start punching out flowers like crazy!  Remember, there will be two punched flowers per final flower pinned to the ball.

{Step 2}
Layer two flowers together with their petals offset so there aren’t any gaps between petals, then pierce the center of the flower with a round pearl head pin.

{Step 3}
Push the pin with flower into the styrofoam ball.

{Step 4}
Repeat steps 1-3 as you work your way around the ball.  Make sure the flowers overlap each other a little bit.  You don’t want to see a bunch of styrofoam peeking out!

{Step 5} – Optional
If you want to hang your balls (like off chair backs or on shepherds hooks) glue or pin a looped piece of ribbon, twine or other string-like material to the ball.

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