Hand painted wedding cakes seem to be popping up everywhere I look lately.  When I saw one painted so intricately to resemble stained glass, I knew I had to share this wedding trend with you all.  This stained glass wedding cake was so beautiful and unique.  It must have taken hours and hours to make.  Due to the time and skill needed to create these hand painted wedding cakes, it’s no surprise they often cost a little more than your run of the mill cake.

Despite the bump in the budget, hiring someone at a bakery to add that extra special touch to your wedding cake is going to mean you can really personalize it.  If all you’ve ever dreamed about is your wedding cake and you want to make a statement, go all out with a large, hand painted wedding cake.  If you just think it’s really interesting and something you would love to do, but don’t want to spend a fortune on, have a smaller, separate cake like the groom’s cake painted.  If you’re daring and consider yourself an artist, you could even try your hand at painting your own cake.  Just order a plain white fondant cake and choose an edible paint, such as these found on ebay.  Most edible paints I’ve found are sold in the UK, but you can also find edible paints in a pen form.  The only drawback is you can’t mix paints to get the perfect color.  You’re limited to the standard colors in the pen set.  If you can’t find any you want to buy, it’s fairly simple to make your own edible paints by mixing powdered food coloring with a small amount of vodka.  Mix all colors needed until the coloring is smooth enough to paint, but not too thin, then grab a new, fine tipped watercolor brush and start painting!

This first set of wedding cakes would be a great addition for vintage weddings.

Hand painted wedding cakes for a Fall wedding.

A “simple” Spring or Summer stained glass wedding cake.

The Southwest inspired wedding cake on the right was made at Helen Bernhard Bakery in NE Portland.

Flowers and birds are beautiful subjects for hand painted wedding cakes.

This unique graffiti cake contains words and phrases about what love and marriage mean to the bride and groom.

Hand painting isn’t synonymous with intricate.  Keep it simple!
I love how the 3D flowers pick up where the painted stems and leaves left off.

Another great example of keeping it simple, but WOW, the impact it has!
These bird wedding cakes would have fit well with our post on a love birds wedding theme.

Just painting the tips on this 3D ruffled flower cake on the left makes for a stunning effect!
I also love the unfinished “coloring page” effect of the cake on the right.

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