Grab your coffee and wake up!  We’re gettin’ this party started EARLY!  Many couples choose to have a morning wedding when their favorite wedding venue is booked during traditional wedding hours or because it’s more budget friendly (some wedding vendors give discounts for weddings held earlier in the day).  Other couples simply enjoy that time of day and love breakfast.  Hosting a morning wedding may require dragging yourself out of bed even before the crack of dawn, but once the party’s over, you and your honey have the rest of the day to revel in your new status as husband and wife.  Instead of crashing into bed exhausted or hopping on a red-eye flight to your honeymoon destination, you get to soak in the events of the day, talk about how everything went and how you felt.  You can plan special activities for just the two of you to enjoy later that day or find a quiet place to relax and unwind together.  So what’s a morning wedding look like you might wonder?  Here’s a sample timeline, a couple of fun photo ideas, several dress ideas and lots of yummy looking menu options!

Sample Timeline:

5:45 AM – Attendants meet in room

6:00 – Make up & hair for attendants

6:30 – Make up for bride

7:00 – Hair for birde

8:00 – Change into dress and wedding attire

8:30 – Bride & groom’s first look with photographer plus bride and groom portraits

9:00 – Bridal party photos.  If there’s extra time, take some family shots, too.  (A great way to get the most important people there ON TIME!)

10:00 – Ceremony begins

10:30 – Reception begins

Morning Wedding Photos:

Funny early morning mugshots before getting ready.

Morning after the wedding photos.  A unique idea to capture that honeymoon glow.

Morning Wedding Attire:

Simple, flowing bridal gown with hair swept down to the side.

Short lace wedding dress that lets the beautiful morning light shine through.

{LEFT} Simple but elegant lace wedding dress with champagne bow.
{RIGHT} Short, vintage, nightie-inspired wedding dress.

Dressed up casual white dress.

Skip the wedding dress and just wear something casual, sweet, feminine and maybe a little vintage.

Morning Wedding Bouquet:

Morning Glories are great for morning weddings since their flowers open early in the day.

Morning Wedding Menu & Table Decor Ideas:

Pancakes and fresh fruit.
(I’m also diggin’ the sweet vintage dress and sweater for the bride and groom.)

Cereal Bar — Coffee Bar — Creme Brulee French Toast!

Donuts with tea and coffee.

An omelet bar.  (Also muffin place cards!)

Strawberries and muffins never looked so tasty in the morning.
Who said you can’t have cake in the morning?!

Pancake place cards and a dose of your morning crossword.

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