Inspired by a recent trip to Astoria, Oregon, it seemed like high time I shared a few beach wedding ideas with you all.  The Oregon coast can be a really beautiful place to tie the knot, but it can also present a few challenges.  The cool weather, wind, blowing sand, rain or fog seem to stick around all year, even amidst the occasional sunny 90-degree days like I experienced on my trip.  One day it was gorgeous and the next it was cloudy and in the 60’s with fog!  You have to be ready for anything when you plan a wedding on an Oregon beach.  Here are a few ideas for making your beach wedding a success:

Embrace your Oregon roots!  Yes, it rains, fogs, mists and floods, so celebrate with a bit of wet fun.  Make a splash by wearing rain boots.  There are so many cute styles out there now-a-days.  Find some that match your style.  If rain boots are going to crimp your style, go bootless and barefoot or wear flip flops.  Just be ready to get wet!

Just like enjoying a cup of tea on a cold day, offer guests a way to feel warm and cozy by providing small blankets or throws that double as wedding favors.

Showcase Oregon’s natural beauty by creating simple wildflower wedding bouquets.

I love this creative idea for using driftwood.  Envision your sparkly wedding rings tied in the middle of this driftwood heart.  Now that’s a beachin’ ring bearer’s pillow!  For a thrifty wedding approach, you can find plenty of driftwood and make your own heart.  If you have money to burn, you can purchase a similar heart from Sugarboo Designs at $120 a pop.  Driftwood hearts in outline form are also available from Hear Black Market on Etsy for only $17.  Each piece of driftwood is collected from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Sea shells also make a beautiful place to carry your wedding rings.  Just tie them on or buy a specially hinged sea shell ring holder to keep your rings tucked away before presenting them at the ceremony.

To avoid having your carefully constructed wedding hairstyle blow away in the coastal winds, try one of these messy updos.  You can tuck and pin your hair in place to keep it out of your face and if the wind roughs it up a little, you’ll hardly notice!  (P.S. I love choosing a pretty flower or headband to help secure everything.)

Keep the centerpieces at your reception tables clean and simple.  Use natural elements like rocks, grass and moss found on or near the beach and display them in clear containers like lanterns or glass jars.

Enjoy eating a beach inspired wedding cake without feeling like you’re eating the actual beach.  Your cake shouldn’t have the armor of an armadillo, so don’t add too many shells!

If you want to buy sea shells in bulk, use them for your seating cards, not your wedding cake.  These place cards are super easy to make just by printing off the tags and gluing on small individual shells.

One of the best parts about a beach wedding is the view as the sun goes down.  Make sure to take time out for a creative photo with your wedding party.  An image like this would look great on your wall for years to come.

This post was shared with our friends over at Modern Weddings Hawaii.  From the Pacific Northwest and planning a wedding in Hawaii or from Hawaii and getting hitched on the Oregon coast?  Check out Modern Weddings Hawaii for that tropical flare.

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