Authentic.  Nostalgic.  Vintage.  These are words that come to mind when I think of Polaroid photos.  These are also qualities many people look for in a wedding.  Polaroid cameras are so much fun to play with and are a great throwback to days gone by.  So, if you’re a huge fan of those floppy instant photos with their distinctive look, why not incorporate them into your big day?  Here are a few ideas for polaroid weddings you should take a peek at.  They just might be your next big inspiration!

1. Choose a photographer who’s not afraid to shoot a few polaroids at your wedding.

Portland wedding photographers, Kim Pham and Phil Shen of Kim+Phil Photography, used Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 25 to take these engagement shots.  Boston wedding photographer, Alexandra Roberts of Alexandra Roberts Photography, also enjoys mixing in a little polaroid film action during her photo shoots.  Lucky for us, she is working on relocating to Portland in early 2013 and is offering a discount for all her Oregon wedding bookings!

2. Make polaroid wedding invitations.

You can simulate the look of polaroids by cutting out paper in a window mat fashion like the invitations seen below or you can incorporate actual polaroid photos.  I like how the window matting option helps contain all the different pieces of paper within and leaves your wedding guests with a nice engagement photo of the two of you.  For more creative wedding invitation designs by Seth and Maddy Lucas like those below, go to Ello There Design Studio.

3. & 4. Simply hang polaroid photos as wedding decorations or make your own wedding programs using a window mat like the wedding invitations above.

5. Transform your old polaroid photos into special cufflinks for the groom, fathers, grandfathers or any other special guy at your wedding.

6. Instead of a traditional wedding guest book, ask guests to take photos of themselves using a polaroid camera, then write any comments on the space below the photo.

7. Polaroid place cards!

Transform digital images you already have of your guests into polaroids by using this free software or plan ahead by collecting and taking as many polaroids of your guests as possible.  You can write on the photos or attach them to something else like the clothespin in the photo below.

8. Personalize your wedding cake with polaroid cake toppers.

9. Entertain your guests with a DIY polaroid photo booth.

Skip the cost of renting a photo booth and make your own!  Use these fancy write on, wipe off plexiglass polaroid photo frames (you can make similar ones yourself) OR set up your own backdrop area and supply the props along with a polaroid camera.  Check out this DIY idea for a polaroid photobooth from A Backyard Wedding.

10. At the end of the day, make sure your guests go home with a polaroid coaster wedding favor or send them packing with these super awesome polaroid cookies.

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