This unique wedding venue just might be the perfect adult version of a kid’s dream come true!  Imagine spending a night in the forest snuggled up in your very own treehouse, crossing bridges, climbing ladders, hiking through the trees and relaxing by the river.  For outdoor enthusiasts, this would be such a romantic, fun way to tie the knot.  However, just because you’re staying in a so-called treehouse doesn’t mean it’s the bare-bones platform you might have had as a kid.  The treehouses at TreeHouse Point are gorgeous!  So even if you’re not the hard core camping type, you can still have a beautiful natural setting for your wedding while enjoying the comforts of home.

TreeHouse Point is less than 25 miles east of Seattle and only 3 hours from Portland.  Email or call 425-441-8087 for more information.  You can also check out their website, blog and Facebook pageTreeHouse Point is best suited for small, intimate weddings.


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