Sometimes in the craziness of fast-paced life and the stress of planning a wedding, we forget to connect in a meaningful way with the people who matter most to us.  Sand Dune Publishing offers a convenient way to slow down and open the lines of communication with your soon to be husband or wife, your family and your friends.  Plus, they make great, meaningful wedding gifts.  Their “Between Me and You” keepsake journals ask 35-45 questions about your relationship, such as “What are your favorite memories of the time we first met?” and “Is there anything that you wish we would spend more time doing together?”  There are different journals for different relationships, including romantic couples, parents, children, grandparents, siblings and friends.  Each journal is meant to be given to someone else, and then returned once that person has written their response.  When you exchange these journals with someone special to you, you never know what you might learn when you get it back.  Whether you’re a bride and groom who would like to explore your relationship a little more before your big day or you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your bridesmaids, parents, etc., these journals are certain to bring you all a little closer.

If you buy a journal by Monday, August 20th, you’ll receive $2.00 off the $14.95 retail price, making each journal just $12.95.  All you have to do to receive the discount is enter in the special code: AOW812 during checkout any time between now and August 20th.  If you purchase two or more journals, shipping is free to anywhere in the US!

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