The idea from yesterday about picking your own apples for wedding favors got me thinking! Why not shop the Portland Farmer’s Market for a few very unique Portland wedding favors. Portland is touted for having a plethora of some of the greatest produce and handcrafted items in the country. Why not make sure your wedding guests experience a little of that and can take it home with them.

I avidly shop the Portland Farmer’s Market and I can tell you there are a few products that have become household staples. They are truly fantastic and anyone would enjoy them. If they don’t, there is something wrong with them!

NOTE: Considering my obsession with the great local products at the farmer’s market, this may very well become a series of posts.

Here are a few wedding favor ideas just from the top of my head and what is currently in my fridge. It may be worth contacting the local makers to see if they could package or label the jars specifically for you and the lucky groom.

Everyone knows that Portland is home to the baconarian, and I bet there are a lot of grooms out there in this specific sub set of humans. For those who don’t know, the following is the definition of baconarian.

Baconarian: A  person who believes that bacon improves the taste of every food and should thus be added to every food.

DIY wedding favors Portland, Unbound Pickling

To get both your bacon and pickle fix try these bacon pickles from Unbound Pickling. They are incredible! I have a hard time rationing my jar out and not eating them like potato chips. If bacon isn’t your thing, try the vanilla tarragon pickled cherries. She usually has several samples available at the market. So try any of the pickled goodies she offers. There is okra, asparagus, beets, and more.

Marshall's Haute Sauce, wedding favors

What about a little hand crafted hot sauce? Marshall’s Haute Sauce makes these gorgeous and tasty little concoctions. They even have recipe cards you can include with the wedding favors for guests. They have four choices, some milder than others. At the Portland Farmer’s Market you can taste them all. If you are using a fall color scheme with green or orange, these can be a great way to still incorporate the colors in your wedding favors! My favorite is the hot habanero carrot curry sauce.

DIY wedding favors and gift wrapping ideas

If the local maker can’t help with labeling or packaging, try making your own gift wrap to personalize the wedding favors for guests. A simple ribbon, fabric cover over the top, or signed tag can be a great personal touch. Also, a way to incorporate your color scheme. Do you know anyone who has used an item from the farmer’s market for wedding favors? Great success or not? Tell us in the comments section or on Facebook.


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