Yesterday’s post was all about a pumpkin patch wedding, but today the thought is still lingering about all the bold fall color schemes I saw behind the pumpkins. This fall I have found that chocolate brown, eggplant, mustard, brighter purples, greens, and warm oranges are the wedding fashion. Check out the great color schemes I found ¬†for the 2012 fall wedding season.

chocolate brown color scheme, wedding colors

Brown is simple and can be played down or up depending on the style of your wedding. Chocolate brown weddings can convey a casual theme or a very modern theme depending on the use. This collection uses chocolate brown in a very modern and yet classic sense. It also takes it literally by incorporating real chocolate into the color scheme for the wedding. Very nice.

purple wedding, orange wedding, green wedding, wedding color schemes

This is perhaps my favorite color scheme of the day. I love the accent of the lime green. It offers a vibrant sense of fun alongside the purple. And I have to say the leaf hairpiece is stunning.

Considering the abundance of apples in Portland and the surrounding areas, I also love the idea of incorporating them into a wedding color scheme. Looking for a DIY wedding favor? How about caramel apples that the bride and groom picked from a local apple grove. If it is a large wedding, have the bridal party help pick the apples. Get in some great together time before the wedding as well as get your wedding favors taken care of. You could hand dip them in caramel yourself, or have a local vendor take care of it.

fall wedding color schemes 2013

There is a great use of contrast in this color scheme. I adore the picture of the bridal party with the over sized balloons.

fall wedding colors, fall weddings, fall wedding ideas

Found on Martha Stewart Weddings website; this one uses the chocolate brown in a more relaxed manner, and adds in a lot of golden accents. This color scheme feels very warm, like a cup of hot apple cider. I really enjoy the way the barn is decorated. The curtains make it seem almost like a church, but in a unique way almost more inviting. I love it!

What do you think of the latest fall wedding color schemes? Are you planning a wedding in Portland using any of the colors discussed today? If so, tell us you ideas! Are you using another great fall wedding color? We love to hear from local Portland brides, so be sure to leave your comments on the Art of Weddings blog or on Facebook.


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