Get ready for some inspiring ideas to turn your wedding centerpieces from plain to dazzling.  Using recycled food jars, thrift store glassware, old light bulbs and just about any kind of glass vase, you can create beautiful centerpieces for your wedding reception.  These are all simple DIY projects, so break out your craft tools and get to work!  (Psst!  Some are so easy to make, the only tool you need is a pair of hands.)

Wrap lace or twine around your leftover food jars and place candles inside for a little rustic or vintage charm.

Yes, you can make your own etched glass!  Here’s how according to Crafting a Green World:


  • Thrifted glasses, Mason jars, etc.
  • Etching cream
  • Gloves
  • Paint brush
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors and/or an Exacto knife


  1. Cut whatever shapes you want out of the contact paper. The annoying part is that you have to cut a stencil for each piece you’re etching. A die cutter would make this SO much easier. Remember: you’re going to paint the cream on the negative space, so the shape you cut out isn’t your stencil – what’s left is.
  2. Stick the contact paper stencil to the clean, dry glass.
  3. Glob on LOTS of etching cream. Don’t be shy!
  4. Let it set for 10-15 minutes. I know, the box says 5 minutes, but whoever wrote that is crazy. It takes at least 10 minutes to get a nice, clear image.
  5. Put on your gloves and rinse each glass thoroughly, then peel back the contact paper.
  6. Make sure that you clean off your paint brush really well as soon as you’re done.

Fill small vases with rocks, fresh or dried flowers, grasses, leaves, etc. for a clean, modern look.

Who said you have to use vases or mason jars for your wedding centerpieces?  Get creative with your glassware and use other objects like this light bulb, which was then balanced on top of a silver napkin ring.  Free People can tell you how it’s done, but it requires a light bulb and some careful demolition with pliers to remove the bottom cap and glass tube.

Cut the heads off your favorite flowers and place them under upside down wine glasses, martini glasses, etc.

Similar to the idea above, but add candles to the nice base created by the bottoms of the glasses.  You can also choose items other than flowers to put under the glasses, such as the elephant trinket in this photo.

Simple.  Clean.  Airy.  Fresh.  I just discovered these nifty “air plants” earlier this year and thought they were so interesting.  They don’t need soil to survive and only require an occasional mist or soak in water.  One of these air plants paired with a large glass container is a sure way to achieve an airy atmosphere at your wedding.

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