Weddings are a magical time in one’s life. It’s an amazing thing when two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together and want to share that love and joy with their family and friends. It should be a time of celebration and not worrying. As history and many weddings have shown us is that it can become stressful quickly. The stress can come in many forms so we’ll go over a few of the top ones and ways to help rid your day of them.

1. Your mother thinks it’s her wedding day.

Well, we have seen this time and time again. Everything is going good after the engagement and then when planning starts the mother of the bride and sometimes the groom’s as well will start to plan the day for you. Be prepare that this will happen so you can stop it before you get in too deep! The best way to handle this stressful situation is for you and your fiance to talk over the plans you two want before mentioning it to others.

Sit down, drink some wine and make a list of must-have’s and wishes. Then get as many of these booked or completed so when you talk to family members about your day it’s already locked in. By not having a plan then you leave yourself open to hear this statement,”I’d love to help you pick out your wedding day flowers,  lilies (insert the flower you dislike most here) will look perfect for you.”  This is a delicate situation so handle it with care and love. Be patient with your parents and if all else fails give them a task to be in charge of so they don’t feel left out.

2. The guest list keeps growing and growing and growing. 

Congrats, you are engaged and trilled to tell the world! Stop! Put on the brakes before you do. Once you open those flood gates everyone you tell will think they are invited before they get the invite. I know it seems odd but if you tell all of your office staff you then may have to invite ALL of them. Do you have the budget for an additional 30 guests and how close are you to these people?!

Yes, some folks will get worked up over not getting the golden ticket to your nuptials but don’t let them break you. Stick to your plan and budget for your reception. Be firm and polite if someone expects to be invited. Let them know as soon as possible that you have a strict budget and limited seating at the event. If they are a good friend they will understand. Weddings are expensive and just because you can’t invite the world doesn’t make you two bad people.


3. The flowers didn’t turn out how I wanted! (or insert any other details you purchased)

This is going to happen. Something you ordered is not going to look EXACTLY the way you thought it was going to. Why? You are working with creative people and as human’s we all see things differently. You may see a purple flower and another person could see it as a deep blue. That doesn’t mean that one person is wrong and other is right. So don’t get mad or stressed when the flowers you ordered aren’t the exact shade of pink you requested. Professional vendors do they best they can (yes some are shady but we aren’t getting into that here) and maybe just maybe the flowers you wanted looked horrible at market so they chose the next best thing.

The point being here is to be flexible. So what if your hair moves a bit and curl falls out. Is that what your wedding is about? No, it’s about the love and unity that you and your husband have for each other. Don’t loose sight of that.

This site is called the ART of weddings for a reason. A wedding is a creative event and many creative people come together to execute it. With art there is interpretation and even though you broke it down in detail the vendor may see it differently . That’s ok. It’s doesn’t make them bad at what they do it makes them adaptable and creative. Let the pro’s do their thing, they are good at it and trust me, they have been to A LOT of weddings over their career.

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