My brother proposed to his fiancée last October on Halloween with a jack-o-lantern that said, “Will you marry me?”.  He had hand carved it himself with the ring lit up by candlelight on the inside of the pumpkin. I was proud of his ingenuity, and when I started seeing all the great fall wedding ideas including pumpkins this year I couldn’t help but think of the two of them.

Considering the huge pumpkin population in Portland and surrounding areas, this could be a perfect wedding idea for any fall wedding. Fall colors are in, and incorporating orange, red, yellow, and brown into your wedding will be sure to give it a warm and cozy feeling to any wedding, inside or out.

Here are a few of my favorites to give you fall wedding inspiration this season. Orange makes an excellent accent color and pairs well with white, black, and grays.

pumpkin patch wedding

pumpkin patch wedding ideas in Portland

I adore the pine cones as well in some of these ideas. Look for a post on how to include pine cones in the coming weeks. Of course, there has to be the cute photo of the wedding couple holding pumpkins as well. I like this one.

pumpkin patch wedding photos

Tell us what you think of all these pumpkins and let us know if you know anyone who has carried this theme out with style.

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