Looking perfect on your wedding day can be the most stressful part of the wedding for some brides. Choosing a hairstyle can make you feel like you are in an unknown land, but it doesn’t have to. Help relieve some of the stress around looking good with these helpful wedding hairstyle tips.

wedding hairstyle tips

4 Wedding Hairstyle Tips

  1. Choose a dress first. In fact, don’t even look at hairstyles until the dress is a done deal. Choosing a hairstyle too soon can often cloud the dress shopping, or you could end up with a total mismatch between hair and dress.
  2. Know your hair type. I have fine, wavy hair. Convincing myself or trying to bully my stylist into a braided updo with tons of volume is just asking for disaster. Likewise if you have thick, tight curls, don’t decide that you are going for the straight sleek look. You aren’t doing anyone any favors, especially your nerves.
  3. Listen to the stylist. A good stylist will be able to steer your ideas into the perfect look for you. Be clear in your direction and they should be able to take into consideration your hair type, dress, accessories, and personality to create a wedding hairstyle perfect for your big day.
  4. Book a trial. This is probably the most important of these wedding hairstyle tips. If you don’t listen to anything else, listen to this: book a trial. This will give you and the stylist the proper amount of time to discuss ideas, try different looks, and ultimately come away with a plan. Brides with no plans for their hair have a very good chance of winding up in tears when the first thing the stylist tries you find repulsive. Be smart. Plan. Book a trial with your stylist.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

wedding hairstyle inspiration

What wedding hairstyle are you considering? Have any of these wedding hairstyle tips come in handy? Tell us about it on Facebook.


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