With all the planning for your wedding day it’s important to not forget how to maintain the excitement and joy after the party is over. Many couples have experienced depression after the big party is all said and done. All the build up, the anticipation to one of the biggest days of your lives is an amazing thing but what about when it’s all said and done? Once the loud music stops, the cake is all eaten and the presents are opened than it’s back to the real world of just you and your husband. Now it’s time put the energy back into the two of you. Take these three pieces of advice, view them monthly, weekly or daily, and you’ll be on the right track for a long and meaningful marriage. Then visit this website to get more marriage advice. Spread this post with your friends or family who are already married. A refresher is never a bad idea:)

1. Share quality time with each other. 

  • Never stop being friends and supporting each other’s goals.
  • Connect with quality conversations – even if the time has to be scheduled. Whether it’s for 15min or a hour, take time.
  • Always take time to laugh and play together inside and outside the home.
  • Continue to date.

2. Become skilled at healthy communication.

  • Speak to each other lovingly and respectfully; Do not criticize, belittle, ridicule or reject your partner.
  • Have patience with each other, it’s hard at times but worth it!
  • Be gentle and kind to one another.
  • Listen. Sometimes talking is not needed and when you are quiet you can really hear the other person.
  • Talk about what is on your mind, keeping it inside only brings more pain.
  • Be willing to validate what your partner is expressing, even if you do not agree with it.

3. Choose your battles

  • Be quick to forgive and slow to anger.
  • The worst possible advice you can give a newlywed couple is to express your feelings about everything. Far better advice is to choose your battles, so when you make a request of your spouse, and your spouse doesn’t comply, step back for a moment and ask how important is this? Is this one of those issues I go to war over, or do I focus instead on what my spouse does for me, and let this one slide by? Be creative about differences and find a compromise. If you talk to people in long-term, happy marriages, they’ll tell you acceptance is one of the key components to making it last. – Michelle Weiner Davis, author of bestsellerDivorce Busting.

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