It’s true. Many couples make a claim right after their engagement that they wish to have a small wedding. Their friends and family may have mixed feelings, be supportive, or just think the couple is naive. Any which way you cut it; most couples end up with a bigger wedding than they had hoped. Today, let’s discuss some “How To Have  a Small Wedding” ideas so you can keep it small without caving in to all of the pressure.

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What is a Small Wedding?

Great question. For some a small wedding is based on the number of guests who will attend. For others, a small wedding refers to the number of attendants in the bridal party. For yet others, it can be defined by the space where the wedding or reception is held.  Whatever defines your small wedding, most often there is room to add a little more personality into the day. Adding more personal touch to your wedding will make a small wedding even more special.

Small Wedding Ideas for the Ceremony

  • Give each member of your families an individual flower, and have them line the aisle. As the bride proceeds towards the altar, she takes each one and assembles her bouquet as she goes. It nicely symbolizes the contributions the family makes to the couple.
  • Ask each of the guests to say a few words about the couple, or ask them to write a few things down ahead of time, and assemble them into a document for one person to read aloud.
  • Make your wedding program more detailed. It can become  a booklet and/or keepsake. Include messages to each of the guests or explanations of why you chose your flowers, attendants, colors, music, venue and more. If your wedding is held in a unique place, give some information about that too.
small wedding ideas

Small Wedding Ideas for the Reception

  • Because some things (like dancing) just work better with more people, try having a “wedding supper” at a restaurant. This can be as simple or extravagant as you like.  Some restaurants (I imagine many in Portland) will even print a special menu just for your event.
  • If the reception is in a historic place, have a tour guide there to show guests all the amazing details.
  • Have the wedding photographer take photos of all of the guests, either in one large group photo or as couples, families, or other logical groups.
small wedding photos
Take what you will from these small wedding tips. There never cease to be great new wedding trends out there and if you have one that is particularly great for a small wedding, tell us about it in the comments section or on Facebook.


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