Are you the Maid of Honor? Good, listen up. You can really help to make the bride feel special by choosing one of her favorite interests and planning the bridal shower around it. There are tons of great DIY bridal shower ideas and I can think of several great themes, but today let’s focus on something we have tons of here in Oregon and that seems to be of a lot of interest among MANY  brides and bridesmaids alike. Heck, just people in general. Wine. A wine themed bridal shower can be fun and simple.

DIY Bridal Shower Ideas for a Wine Theme

1. Make every guest their own personalized wine glass. You could buy them online, but it is a simple DIY bridal shower project that should only take a couple hours depending on how many guests you have. I love the idea of chalkboard paint around the base. Each guest takes a glass and writes their name on it. This is great for not getting glasses mixed up throughout the party.

DIY bridal shower wine glasses

2. Set up your own wine tasting. This is easy and fun to use all local Oregon wines. If you are less knowledgeable about wine, find a local wine shop to help you choose some great bottles for the bridal shower. When in doubt, the staff at Whole Foods is usually very knowledgeable about their wine selection. Get a combination of whites and reds. Make sure to start with the lightest whites and work to the most robust red. Depending on the crowd it can be fun to play games with the tasting. Maybe see who can guess which wine the bride will like best based on taste? You can also make tasting cards yourself so guests can mark their favorites.

DIY wine tasting for bridal shower

3. Have each guest bring a bottle of wine as a gift to stock the cellar or wine cabinet for the new couple. You can get even more specific by having the guests choose a life moment to theme their bottle around. Then you can make cute tags for each one to mark them when they get to the party.

bridal shower wine gift
Some life moments that come to mind:
  • the wedding night
  • Honeymoon
  • 1st New Years as a couple
  • 1st wedding anniversary
  • 5 year wedding anniversary
  • First baby
  • First house
  • Resolving your first big fight
  • 1st Christmas or Thanksgiving
  • 1st Picnic
All these DIY bridal shower ideas have your head spinning? Make it easy by planning a trip to go wine tasting and let the tasting rooms be the experts. Some wineries have party rooms and will offer special rates for a bridal shower. If you are planning the shower in the summer, check out some of the gorgeous views in the Willamette Valley at David Hill, White Rose Estate, and Vista Hills.
Did you plan a DIY bridal shower for your bride? Did someone plan a wine inspired bridal shower for you? Tell us everything in the comments or on Facebook.



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