Groom gifts are always a challenge. It seems brides are always looking for a clever gift to give their husband to be for the day of their wedding. If you are looking for something small, yet memorable, think about custom socks. Some of the cutest ones I have seen detail the man’s position (groom, best man, groomsmen) or are specifically just for the groom. Some of the best I have seen for the groom indicate that the socks are a gift to remedy any cold feet the groom may be having. One great saying, “In case you get cold feet; from your loving bride” seems to be a popular wedding trend. Here are some great do it yourself pictures of how to make this gift at home. Fun and inexpensive, this gift will be something you groom will cherish.

groom gift socks, DIY wedding ideas

How To Make Your Own DIY Groom Gift Socks:

  1. Buy a pair of socks that match your groom’s taste and suit or tuxedo. See links at the bottom to find any socks you could possibly think up.
  2. Find materials to make a label. Brown paper, scissors, ribbon, and a good black pen are simplest, but use your imagination.
  3. Cut your label and write your greeting on the outside.
  4. Use tape to close the label around the socks and tie with matching ribbon.
  5. Place the package somewhere the groom can’t miss it.
In case you are more of a visual learner:
DIY groom gift socks

Here are a few more pictures for some inspiration to put together this DIY groom gift.

DIY grooms gift Portland

What a great way for the wedding photographer to capture the fun of this gift.

mustaches socks for groom

If your groom will wear mustache socks; I say go for it! Another great picture.

Where To Find Great Socks

Locally in Portland you can find a wide array of sock choices at Sock Dreams. Online, try Sock It To Me. We love hearing how your DIY groom gift turned out. Post a picture of your gift to our Facebook.


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