wedding trail mix barWhen I saw this DIY wedding idea, I tucked it away in the vault of things I may sometime do if a guy ever gets up the nerve to ask me to marry him. A trail mix bar is perfect for an Oregon wedding. I would argue we have more hikers per capita here in Portland than any other major US city. That’s just a hunch. So what could be more fun than letting everyone take home their own special trail mix. My guess is it will be a great snack after the wedding or the next morning. Full of nutrition, it should also help ward off any potential hangover.

DIY wedding in Portland

How To Make A DIY Wedding Trail Mix Bar

Before the Wedding DayDIY wedding ideas

  1. Gather several bowls, jars, or other containers that match your wedding theme and colors. Glass is nice because you can see the contents really easily. Collecting old glass containers could be great for a vintage wedding. Otherwise, Crate and Barrel has some  beautiful modern glass dishes. Whatever fits you wedding style!
  2. Make a shopping list of bulk items you will need for the bar. My recommendations: peanuts, raisins, dried bananas, chocolate chips, marshmellows, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, pretzels. Really, whatever items you and the groom really enjoy, plus the staples. Buy them at a grocer who sells bulk, or look online for great deals on a lot of these items.DIY wedding Oregon
  3. Decide and locate packaging for people to put their trail mix in. I have seen some couples use mason jars, others decorated paper bags. Simple, functional, and clean is the best route. Make sure it has a good way to close tight.
  4. Buy scoops for each bowl or jar.
  5. Craft your own sign for the table using a chalkboard, piece of wood, or other interesting item you can find. Be sure to give clear instructions.

The Day of the Wedding

  1. Pour each item into a separate container and make sure they all have a scoop.trail mix bar
  2. Set up sign and containers so there is a natural flow for people.
  3. Put any extra nuts, fruit, or other items under the trail mix bar so you or someone else can replenish when necessary.
  4. Don’t forget to enjoy a little yourself! Make your own trail mix for you and the groom to take on the honeymoon. Would make a great airplane snack.

What items will you include in your DIY trail mix bar? Do you love DIY wedding ideas? Tell us your DIY wedding plans in the comments or on Facebook.

1 Comment on Foodie Friday: DIY Wedding Trail Mix Bar

  1. Katie
    May 10, 2013 at 6:41 pm (4 years ago)

    Hi! I LOVE this wedding favor idea and we plan on doing this for our cabin wedding in October, so thank you for the inspiration 🙂 I actually included this in my 10 Creative DIY Wedding Favors post at Upcycled Treasures 🙂



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