Foodie Friday: Hot Chocolate for a Winter Wedding

Today’s wedding inspiration comes from a wedding photos we saw earlier this week.

winter wedding hot chocolate snow

After I saw this adorable winter wedding photo showcasing hot chocolate I thought to myself, “What a great idea, there has to be more hot chocolate wedding inspiration out there.” So I went about researching wedding hot chocolate ( I know, tough job!) and here are some things I found.

wedding inspiration for a winter wedding, hot chocolate

Hot chocolate makes fantastic engagement or save the date photos. The two bottom photos with the thermos and the couple blowing on their hot chocolate. If your engagement happens in time for the holidays, consider combining a save the date card with a holiday card.

hot  chocolate wedding photos

If hot chocolate has a sentimental place in your hearts, consider a well thought out wedding photo like this one. If there is a way to show both wedding rings, go for it!

hot chocolate wedding cocktails, winter wedding inspiration

If you had your wedding outside in December, consider what a round of hot chocolate with a little Bailey’s can accomplish between the ceremony and the reception for your guests. Choose glassware that fits your theme or winter wedding style.

winter wedding favor

Hot chocolate makes a perfect winter wedding favor. This is a great DIY wedding favor that can be accomplished in a single afternoon. Consider enlisting the help of those who can be bribed by hot chocolate. Make sure to personalize the label to show off your individual flair.

winter wedding hot chocolate bar

Have you considered a hot chocolate bar between events? This is a great DIY wedding idea for a winter wedding. Things to include are cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows (of course), powdered sugar,  cookies, caramel, whipped cream, nuts, dark chocolate drizzle and something salty (like pretzels).

hot chocolate bar for a winter wedding

One last hot chocolate bar idea for a cozy winter wedding. I love the organization of this one for a small wedding.

Are you planning a winter wedding that will incorporate hot chocolate? Tell us everything in the comments or on Facebook!


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