Living in a place where the rainy season lasts from October through May (and sometimes July!), many brides have no choice but to plan their wedding with the strong possibility of rain. Instead of being in fear of it, why not embrace it? Embrace the fact that the rain is probably inevitable at some point during your wedding day and that there are things you can do to include the rain, not shun it. Rain on your wedding day can be playful! Think about getting matching galoshes for you and your bridesmaids! Bold colors make bold statements when it comes to wedding galoshes. Let the photo ops abound!

rainy day wedding, Portland OR

Things to Think About If You Suspect Rain On Your Wedding Day

  1. Safety. What paths to florists, caterers, and guests need to walk on? Are they prepared? Can goods and fragile items be easily moved along all paths?
  2. Do you need umbrellas? Do guests need umbrellas? Maybe the groomsmen can escort guests with large umbrellas before the wedding begins.
  3. Do you need to find a different place to place food, gifts, guest, book, or any other wedding necessities that may get wet.
  4. Make sure your makeup artist uses an eye primer and waterproof mascara. Be inquisitive that they have rain in mind.
  5. How to make the rain fun? Perhaps getting some colorful galoshes for you and your bridesmaids? Wedding galoshes make really cute photos. Let me show you some more.

rainy wedding day Portland Oregon, wedding galoshes

See? Rain on your wedding day does not have to be a drag. Share your ideas on how to embrace the rain in the comments or on Facebook.

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