Some couples give each other a meaning gift while they are each getting ready. I think think is a kind gesture. You are both nervous, away from each other while you are transforming into a beautiful bride or handsome husband. You are surrounded by your best gals or guys and trying to remember to take a deep breath every once in awhile. It’s nice to break up that nervousness with having something special delivered to your room. Over the years as a photographer I have seen an original painting created by the bride’s favorite artist hung in her room to surprise her to a hand gun hidden under the bride’s dress to surprise her groom after the wedding. Whatever it is, make it meaniningful. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars but instead take time to put thought in to it. Here are some ideas that may get your creative juices flowing.

Your man loves hanging with his boys, sipping a fine glass of bourbon and smoking a good cigar. Give him a brown leather case to hold the cigars and to celebrate the big day with his crew. Personalize it with his initials on the lighter. We found this one at Red


Give her something she will wear everyday, a personalized love letter that will never get lost. Choose silver or gold and then a short note of why she means the world to you, or tell her just that…”you mean the world to me.”  This vintage necklace was also found at Red Envelope, a great site for personalized gifts.


Surprise him with his own stainless steal pocket watch. Keep him on time and stylish with this skeleton pocket watch with 14 karat gold accents. Add a special engraved note to your man on the outside so he know’s you are counting the minutes until you get to see him again:) Find it and others at Things

Your lovely bride loves all things that sparkle from champagne to jewelry. Surprise her with a silver fortune cookie that opens to reveal a love message from you or a fortune about your new lift together. Add a pair of stud earrings to the box of fortune and she will be smiling from ear to ear. Let us know what special gifts you gave to your fiance on your wedding day!



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