They say it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. Most brides probably dread the idea, but secretly we all know it is a very real possibility. Especially living in Oregon. There is often no way around it unless you plan your wedding in August. The biggest of the rainy wedding ideas: it is important to ALWAYS have a rain plan! Thinking about rain before it is an issue will at least save you the surprise dilemma stress. When looking for a wedding venue, consider what options you have with the space if it does rain. Depending on the month of your wedding it may be wise to choose a venue with indoor options.  If the wedding venue you love only has outdoor space big enough for your wedding, make sure to research the cost involved in putting up an event tent if necessary. It is better to know ahead of time, so again, you save yourself a lot of stress.

Moral of the story when it comes to rain on your wedding day? Don’t try to control what you can’t! You cannot control the weather, so either embrace it or make it a non-factor.

Rainy Wedding Ideas

Or…buy umbrellas and galoshes for your bridesmaids! Yesterday, we saw some really cute wedding galoshes. Today; how about those umbrellas!

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rainy wedding ideas

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Other Rainy Wedding Ideas

  • Towels. Should you find some towels for guests, or get some towels for the groomsmen or ushers to help wipe down chairs or pews if needed.
  • Paper. Make sure the wedding programs and guest book have a safe storage place away from the rain. For these and other items, it may be worth getting a couple of plastic storage tubs for protection depending on how many items you have.
  • Temperature. Rain can often make things seem chilly. if you have time, consider shrugs or shawls for your wedding party.
  • Food choices. Because things can feel chilly in the rain, consider altering your menu if needed. Simply adding in a round of hot chocolate or spiced cider between the ceremony and reception could keep guests for more anxious for the later reception activities. For an extra kick, add liquor to the drinks for adults. They will be sure to feel cozy after that!
Stay tuned to the Art of Weddings blog for all sorts of wedding ideas. Have your own rainy wedding ideas? Share them with us in the comments section!


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