I am a Pinterest junkie and have been noticing how many non traditional wedding rings I have seen lately. I have seen tatooed rings, woven rings, copper rings, and even wood wedding rings. I think wedding fashion  changes at the speed of light these days with all the photos flying around. What kind of wedding rings do you consider fashionable? There is always the traditional gold band, but what about wedding rings made with other materials? If it fits your style as a couple, consider ditching the traditional gold bands and opt for something like wood wedding rings. They can be extravagant or discreet and can really convey a simple elegance if that is your style.

Stylish Wood Wedding Rings

wedding fashion, wood wedding rings

Found on Indiefixx.com, these are a unique set of rings that maintain clean lines and have me considering a wood wedding ring in my future.

wood wedding rings

This simplistic ring is available by a great ring designer robandlean on Etsy.com. They craft wood wedding rings as well as rings made of metals and other materials. Here is what they say about this piece, “This wood ring is handcrafted from osage orange wood. Osage orange (also known as bodock or hedge apple ) is a beautiful golden colored hardwood. It works up wonderfully and is ideal for use in jewelry due to it’s strength, stability, and its resistance to moisture. Perfect for either a man or woman, this osage orange wood ring makes a wondeful non-traditional wedding ring. We can craft this band in any size up to US 17. As pictured, it is approximately 1/4″ wide, but we are always happy to customize width.”

wood wedding rings with metal, wood wedding bands

Searching for “wood wedding rings” on Etsy.com is probably the easiest way to gain tons of wedding inspiration and determine whether  wood wedding rings are right for you and your groom.

Tips To Care for a Wood Wedding Rings

  1. Make sure to get it weeks before the ceremony. Wood needs time to acclimate to the climate it will be living in. This is especially important if you are ordering from a vendor in another part of the country.
  2. Don’t over expose it to water. Cleaning in rubber gloves is a huge no-no for wood rings.
  3. Try to avoid getting it submerged in water. You should take your ring off while doing dishes, showering, cleaning, or washing your hands.
  4. Don’t accidentally leave it in an abnormally warm or cool place. The dashboard or the windowsill can be enemies of your hand crafted ring.
Do you have a wood wedding band? Do you love it? Tell us your story in the comments or on Facebook.


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