Sushi is one of the Japanese cuisine’s great contributions to the current food culture all over the world. After having just a niche market in North America as well as Europe in the early 2000s, sushi’s popularity among foodies has exploded in the recent years. Whether you are in a Hollywood suburb in California or one of the crowded arrondissements in Paris, you are likely to find a restaurant or a diner that takes pride in including sushi on its menu.

But what will happen if cooking sushi is done with a twist? Sushi wedding cakes present that opportunity. Make no mistake, the sushi wedding cakes are not sweet in any way but sushi fans will surely be delighted by the sight of their favorite presented in a different way.


3 cups cooked Japanese rice

3 1/2 tablespoons rice vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

3 teaspoons salt

160 grams of 4 types of your favorite sashimi (sardines, tuna, salmon, squid, snapper, mackerel, etc)

1 cup sliced avocado

4 ounces smoked salmon

6 perilla leaves

5 thinly sliced cucumber strips

4 slices salmon

1 tablespoons salmon roe (ikura)

Sliced egg omelet

Kitchen Tools Needed

6-inch cake pan

Two bowls of different sizes



  • In a small bowl, put the rice vinegar, salt as well as sugar. The mix well. In a bigger bowl, put the cooked Japanese rice. Mix in the vinegar seasoning to the rice, making sure that it will be evenly distributed. Set the rice aside.
  • Cut the sashimi into dices and then layer them at the bottom of the 6-inch pan. Cover the sashimi with 1/3 of the sushi rice in a way that the surface is flat and none of the sashimi slices can be seen. Put the perilla leaves.
  • Place a layer of smoked salmon on top of the perilla leaves. Add half of the remaining rice, making sure that there is still adequate space for the other ingredients on the cake pan.
  • Put the avocado slices on the rice. Top it all with the remaining rice and flatten.
  • Let it breathe for 10 to 15 minutes until you follow the next step.
  • Get a big serving plate and cover the cake pan.
  • Flip the cake pan in such a way that the sashimi will be on the top of the cake.
  • Decorate the sushi cake with egg omelet, salmon roe, salmon as well as cucumber strips.


  • Make sure that the Japanese rice you will be using is sticky as it will be essential in holding the cake together. It will be best if the sashimi that you will use are your favorites.
  • This recipe works best with a circular cake pan but for a bigger wedding with more attendees, however, you might want to use a wider rectangular cake pan.
  • Just make sure it is at least 6 inches from the top to bottom.

The great thing about sushi wedding cake is the fact that it can also be served even just for dinners. So if you have the patience in cooking it, you can actually also replace your midnight cravings for popcorn kernels with something a bit healthier.

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