wedding music

Top 10 Wedding Songs

Image copyright: Music can set the mood. If it’s slow and smooth, you want to snuggle in close to your loved one. If the beat is funky you want to get out on that dance floor and shake your money maker!  We are getting older and have always like the classics but we also […] Read more…

wedding traditions

Drop That Wedding Cake: Let’s Take Another Look at Wedding Tradition

The modern wedding has not changed much over the last few generations and one fact is certainly non-debatable; weddings are for brides, end of story. With the exception of the bachelor party, there is little focus on the man trading in his primal urges toward freedom for monogamous wedded bliss. From expensive jewellery like sparkling […] Read more…

book a photographer

How to Book a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer some people get excited but most get overwhelmed. Photography is so much fun and something that is now accessible to all with smartphones and affordable point and shoot cameras. Just because you know someone that has snapped a few good pictures doesn’t mean they are experienced to […] Read more…

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