Weddings Inspired Northwest

Weddings Inspired Northwest

We just learned about this upcoming net working event that we wish we could go to. With the newest addition added to our family (we had a baby girl)  she is keeping us busy and getting out of the house these days is limited! So we think you should go and have fun for us. Here is more info about the event and the line up of speakers. Find more info on getting tickets on their website Weddings Inspired Northwest.

 cameo events


Are you inspired? Is your soul on fire? Are you stimulated to create new energy and ideas in your business?


Do you have the time in tune with what you industry is doing? Do you give yourself time to fuel the fires of creativity and innovation? Are you on the cutting edge?


Do other complimentary businesses know who you are and what you do?  Do other businesses refer their customers to you?

As the “slow time” set in for the beginnings of the 2014 Wedding season, I began to reflect (as I do, seemingly more and more) on the questions that I hear virtually all of my colleagues struggle with, year in and year out. Questions like, “what could I have done better”, “what did I miss”, “why didn’t THAT client book with me”, “what could I have done to prevent that bad review”, etc, etc…

Then it hit me – when do us Wedding Professionals ever take time out to reflect on ourselves? When do we take the opportunity to intermingle with our peers and friends to talk about the trends of the past year and those coming for the New Year? When do take the time to get some pampering for ourselves?  So, I set out to create an event to do just that – set a day aside for us Wedding Professionals, to focus on ourselves. Yes, a day for us to be the recipient of information rather than the presenter, for a day of pleasure and enjoyment (how about a lunch cruise on beautiful lake Coeur d’Alene) and with some top notch education thrown in – but, without stress of making sure everything is going just right.

That is why I created Weddings Inspired Northwest. Do YOU want to be INSPIRED?!

*Inspire*, *Educate*, *Network*. At it’s core, WINW was created for YOU, the Wedding and Event Professional. We all strive to grow our businesses but all too often the energy, desire and determination to focus time on that growth – is lost in doing what you do best… create the best experience for your customers.  So, this begs the question, are you taking care of you?  Whether the answer to that question is no, maybe or even yes – join us for the WINW event and be prepared to be *Inspired*, *Educated* and *Network* with some of the industry experts.

Renee Strauss – Renowned Wedding and Style industry celebrity and expert

Alexis Jones – Media Personality, Social Entrepreneur, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Linnyette Richardson-Hall – Creative Director and Premier Event Management

Shane McMurray – Founder of The Wedding Report

Rachel Sandall – Founder and editor of Apple Brides Blog

Misty Ceriello – Founder and CEO of Cameo Events, Storybook Bridal and PreVeiled

Visit us at to see full event details about the speakers, links to a full agenda, and to purchase a ticket to attend!!


Misty Ceriello

Misty Ceriello – Founder, President & CEO - Misty Ceriello is the Founder and CEO of Cameo Events LLC, the owner of North Idaho’s only specialty Wedding Dress and Formal Wear retail store – Storybook Bridal, and is a Nationally Accredited Wedding and Event planner. In addition to her “day job”, Misty has a passion for giving back where she is involved in multiple community groups and is the Founder and President of PreVeiled, a not for profit Wedding Wish Granting Foundation.

With the success of Cameo Events in the Denver, CO metro area, and it’s success now in the Inland Northwest, Misty and her teams continue to make a positive impact to the Wedding and Event landscape. In addition to Misty’s many successful weddings and events in the Inland Northwest, you may have also seen her on TV – where she was featured as the Wedding Planner for the Fox Network and Gordon Ramsay’s episode of “Hotel Hell”, and she has been featured on local NBC affiliates to talk about the PreVeiled Foundation.

When Misty isn’t bringing her infectious smile and unwavering positive outlook to Brides and Clients alike, she’s taking it home to family and friends where she loves warm summer nights at the lake, cooling off in one of our many lakes or rivers, or sitting on the porch watching the sunset. Some other fun facts: Faith in Jesus, Lemonade is best at the fair and only with lots of ice, road trips require a clean car before departure, sushi is best with rice paper vs seaweed, water is best out of a plastic cup, and the family cabin is her favorite place to be on earth, even when we have to let the bats out :-)

Fabulous Wedding Facts

Fabulous Wedding Facts

When we were in college studying fine art we had the opportunity to take a trip over to London and earn some credits for a painting class. I was so excited I got to go, I have always had a love for the UK. In an another life I envisioned myself living a british life and having their witty accent. So you know I was thrilled to have Berketex Bride share info on what we spend and what happens at weddings! Enjoy.

Planning a wedding can be amazing fun, but also stressful. . . there is just so much to think about and do.

If you are looking for inspiration, a wedding show is a great place to start, from bridal dresses to favours, table decorations and floral displays, there is plenty of exhibition stands for you to take ideas from and adapt for your big day.

One of the most important things to agree (apart from the budget, of course) is the invitation list – just how many people do you want to come and share your big day.

UK bridal dress company, Berketex Bride, has done some research into some fun and fabulous facts about tying the knot. It discovered that the average number of guests who attend a wedding is 189!

For more interesting wedding data, check out the infographic below. . .

Berketex Bride_Infographic_v4

An infographic brought to you by Berketex Bride. Head to the site and check out the lovely wedding gowns shown on their site.

The In’s and Out’s of the Ring Buying Process

The In's and Out's of the Ring Buying Process

I’m excited to have a guest post today from Wilson Diamond’s. We all know that buying the engagement ring is one of the most exciting and stressful things for the groom to do. It is also something that will be worn for a very long time and possibly passed down to your child when they marry. It is a family heirloom and you shouldn’t just jump into buying it. Take time to research and learn the in’s and out’s of the ring buying process.

First of all, congratulations on finding that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Now, for finding the ring. We know it has to be perfect, so here is a guide to help make sure you don’t forget any details along the way. I’m sure you’ll end up wowing her with an amazing ring!

Budget- It is important to set a budget for the top amount that you are willing to spend on a ring. There are rings in the millions, and there are also rings in the hundreds. So, don’t be discouraged by how much you have to spend. It’s a good thing to be able to tell to jewelers right off the bat, so that you don’t end up falling in love with rings you can’t afford. They can immediately steer you toward things in your price range, and you can leave with an excellent ring without feeling “sold.”

3 custom rings
4 C’s- This is the lingo that jewelers use to distinguish the quality of a ring. They are cut, clarity, color, and carat. The cut is not the shape of the diamond, but how it is cut deep or shallow. There are very precise ways to cut a diamond to get it the optimum amount of light so that it can sparkle. If it is cut too deep or too shallow, this lowers the cost and quality. The clarity is the amount of inclusions or imperfections in a diamond. Diamonds with a low clarity rating would have specs in them that are noticeable to the naked eye. The perfect diamond is completely colorless, and the range goes down to a very yellow, dingy looking diamond. Diamonds come with all different costs based off of those three elements. A diamond’s carat weight is it’s size. The cost will change based off of these 4 elements.
Her Style- Many couples now are choosing to go ring shopping together and pick out their own rings. This is becoming popular because you can still have the surprise of the proposal, but you can have your ring exactly how you want it. If you are doing it the old fashioned way and picking out a ring for her, you need to know what style of ring she likes. There are many different shapes and aesthetics to choose from. There are very simple solitaires and very ornate vintage rings as well. See if she likes princess, cushion, or pear shaped diamonds.

The Specifics- Many times the groom will find out the bride’s ring size before ring shopping to surprise her with a perfectly fitting, ring of her dreams. This is incredibly difficult to do without the girl finding out because most girls don’t already know their ring size. However, you don’t always need to worry about this before proposing. You can just estimate, and then after the proposal take it in to get sized. You also don’t have to feel tied to getting a diamond at all. If her birthstone is just as meaningful to her, go for that!


The Timing- She needs to let you know first that she is 100% ready to get engaged. So, in a way, she needs to know that the proposal is coming without fully knowing that the proposal is coming. You still want her to be surprised by it, but don’t spring it on her before you know she’s at that level of commitment with you. Also, it may be a good idea to find out if she wants the proposal to be public or private. This sets you up for success instead of surprising her in front of a lot of people and then finding out that she thinks that was impersonal.

Find the perfect engagement ring at Wilson Diamonds.

Art of Wedding Bridal Show

Art of Wedding Bridal Show

Thank you to all who came out for the event. We hope you had a lovely time and met some great vendors for your wedding day. As always the event is a modern, casual, non-pressure bridal show. The goal is for you to have a great time and get inspired by the talent  found in the wedding industry. Here are a few images from the event, enjoy and remember you can find a listing of local vendors on our site under Vender Directory.


Art of Weddings Show-25


Art of Weddings Show-20

Art of Weddings Show-19

Art of Weddings Show-16

Art of Weddings Show-13

Art of Weddings Show-8

Find more images from the fashion show and more vendors on the facebook page. Thanks again to all and happy wedding planning!

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