Foodie Friday – DIY Engagement Party: Roll Your Own Sushi

Foodie Friday - DIY Engagement Party: Roll Your Own Sushi

I know sushi isn’t for everyone, but for those who do love it…well, man…we love it! One of the best parties I have ever attended was a low-key house party where the hosts gathered all the fixings for rolling your own sushi. It was relatively simple, but great fun. Thinking about it, I realized it would make a great idea for a low-key engagement party. The holidays concluded with a new slew of  my friends getting engaged, but no one wanting to throw any huge parties so close to the holidays. For all of you, try a roll your own sushi party!

This can be done on the cheap. You can choose how elaborate the sushi supplies get. Sushi also lends itself well to vegetarians, vegans, or otherwise mixed crowds. To keep it really simple send out invites via Facebook or Evite.

DIY Engagement Party Supplies For A Sushi Rolling FeastFile:California Rolls.JPG

  1. Sushi rice – lots of it
  2. Nori
  3. Bamboo rolling mats
  4. Chopsticks
  5. Scallions
  6. Cream cheese
  7. Slices bell peppers
  8. Big platters to arrange sushi on
  9. Sliced avocado
  10. Sliced carrots
  11. Cut cucumbers
  12. Cooked crab meat
  13. Seasoned tofu
  14. Seared scallops
  15. Sesame seeds
  16. Seared or raw tuna (make sure it is sushi grade)
  17. Soy sauce
  18. Wasabi
  19. Pickled ginger
  20. Sake – hot or cold
  21. Anything else you love in sushi!

Tips For a Roll Your Own Sushi DIY Engagement Party

  • Keep it simple, that is what makes this fun. You can use as little or as many items from the above list as you want.
  • Make sure that you find a sushi rice recipe
  • Have guests each invent their own roll, then slice and arrange on big platters to share with everyone. Part of the fun is getting to try other guests combinations too.
  • Have plenty of tiny bowls for soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger. Everyone will want to mix their own.

Have you hosted a DIY engagement party? What was your theme and how did it turn out? As always, let us know – we love hearing from you!

Photo By Mk2010 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Wedding Hair: Chachi Hair In Portland

Wedding Hair: Chachi Hair In Portland

As I have already doted again and again, last week’s Art of Weddings bridal show was a fabulous arena to see the best Portland wedding vendors in action. There was anything and everything  from wedding cupcakes and cakes, to wedding photographers, to even makeup artists and hair stylists. Chachi Hair was at the bridal show in full force showing off what they can do to give brides great wedding hair. They proved that have what it takes to keep your wedding hair do from exploding into frizz under all that drizzle here in Portland. I always recommend that every bride have a  wedding hair consultation in the weeks leading up to the wedding to be sure there are no surprises on the big wedding day.

Photos From Art of Weddings Bridal Show



As always I surfed the Chachi Hair website and found this statement,

At Chachi Hair we take pride in our passionate team who thrives on fashion, trends, and education.

As a Redken and Pureology salon we provide our clients with product knowlege and styling tip so you feel confident in replicating the salon service at home.

We are innovative trend setters with a goal to make you feel beautiful from the outside in.

Were you there when these pictures were taken? What was your favorite part of the Art of Wedding Bridal show? Did you love seeing Chachi Hair at work? Do you have hair stylist tips for brides? Leave comment on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Getting Married: Rev. Rob Figley, wedding officiant

Getting Married: Rev. Rob Figley, wedding officiant

For some brides, finding a minister or wedding officiant can be just as difficult as finding the right wedding venue. It is important for some brides to feel connected to the officiant, sharing values, beliefs, or other important aspects of life. If you are hosting a Oregon wedding, one officiant to consider is Rev. Rob Figley. Rev. Rob Figley has an associate degree in Christian Studies and a Bachelors in Church Ministry. He specializes in diverse ceremonies bringing various families and cultures together.


04 (3)

A little snippet from his website,

Rev. Robert W. Figley is an ordained  non-denominational Christian minister who specializes in custom written wedding vows and commitment ceremonies that are as unique and diverse as you are.

Serving both Washington and Oregon State from his home near Portland, Rev. Figley can bring a fresh perspective to your special day. From grand, elegant affairs, to simple and intimate gatherings,
Rev. Robert Figley can assist you in making your event special.

Some Tips For Choosing A Wedding Officiant

  1. Try to work out a fee for officiating, if refused, place a donation to the church instead.
  2. It’s customary give the officiant a tip.
    • After the ceremony, the best man should give an envelope with the gratuity(that the groom has provided) to the officiant.
    • Base the tip amount on the officiant’s time commitment.
    • If money seems inappropriate, it’s acceptable to give your officiant a gift.
  3. Always invite the officiant to the wedding reception. Try to seat him with family members who will include him in conversation and wedding events.

Does Rev. Rob Figley seem to fir for your wedding day? What sort of wedding officiant are you looking for? Share your own wedding officiant secrets with all the Art of Weddings brides on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Cupcake Jones Makes Wedding Cupcakes!

Cupcake Jones Makes Wedding Cupcakes!

There are not many things I like more than cupcakes, I mean really, who doesn’t love cupcakes? My mouth was definitely watering as I did this write up on Cupcake Jones. Yum!

Cupcake Jones is an entirely locally owned and operated business that has a bakery baking amazing tasting cupcakes seven days a week. On top of operating the bakery shop they provide wedding cupcakes or cupcakes for any event. Wedding cupcakes were a big trend in 2012 and I expect it will be in 2013 as well. There are a lot of reasons to choose Cupcake Jones for your wedding cupcakes, but here are just a few I found from their website.

Reasons To Choose Cupcake Jones For Your Wedding Cupcakes

  • We have a menu that changes monthly to take advantage of fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • We fill all of our Jumbos sized cupcakes with delicious homemade fillings that complement the cake and icing flavors We bake from scratch all day We make our garnishes by hand from scratch. This month’s handmade garnishes include: marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, berry jam, candied rose petals, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, lemon chips, orange chips, carrot chips, thin mint cookies, and linzer cookies
  • We use fruits, not food coloring, in our icings
  • We never use shortening
  • We are a locally owned family business
  • We use fresh whole eggs
  • We use Pure Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla
  • We donate all of our unsold cupcakes daily to a local service agency for the homeless
  • We use zipcar and public transportation for deliveries
  • We recycle everything we can
  • We use biodegradable non aerosol cleaners
  • We have doggie cupcakes

Is that enough reasons for you? If not, check out these pictures.




I am betting you are convinced that wedding cupcakes is something to consider now! It didn’t take much for me to be convinced. Spread the news on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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