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Boudoir Photographs by Nina Sage: A Groom Gift He Will Love

Looking for something to surprise the groom? How about boudoir photographs taken by a professional photographer? Boudoir photos are a groom gift that every man will be excited about. You can cherish the wedding day photos, but he will cherish the ones you took just for him.


Boudoir photography for wedding gifts is a new trend that is leaving men everywhere speechless. Ever wondered what your groom would say if you were a lingerie model? Having a boudoir photo shoot is one way to find out. The word “boudoir” can be translated to mean “a woman’s private dressing room, sitting room or bedroom.” You can get really creative or keep it simple. Some women like to choose another time period for their sexy shoot, while others know their man loves it when they wear his favorite jersey. You decide how you want to look sexy.


In Portland, at The Art of Weddings, we love Nina Sage to shoot boudoir photos for you. Having a female photographer really helps ease the fears and anxieties some women feel when trying to shoot boudoir for their groom.  Nina has a natural calmness which helps brides feel at ease. Another added benefit is that Nina Sage lets you view what she is capturing as the shoot is happening. This is an added luxury that will really help your confidence as the shoot progresses.
A little word from Nina herself about her services, “My name is Nina Sage, I’ve had a camera in hand for well over 30 years.  I began shooting boudoir about 6 or 7 years ago, at the urging of my clients. When we moved to our new studio in 2008, we built a dedicated boudoir room with Victorian furniture and lots of satin & sheer fabrics to create those special memories for you. I have an awesome network of stylists who, for an additional fee, will come to the studio and beautify you for your session, taking care of both your hair & makeup, or you may do your own hair & makeup. Ladies bring their favorite lingerie & props, music and ideas, and we have a fun, private & creative session to make images that will be treasured for a lifetime.”


Some more photographs by Nina Sage.
You choose what to wear. Jackets and underwear tend to always look sexy!
You can also choose what not to wear. However you feel comfortable is key for a successful boudoir session.

Tips from The Art of Weddings:

1. Bring a friend you feel comfortable enough in your underwear around.
2. Don’t forget to take some smiling. Men enjoy a women who enjoys seducing them.
3. Bring clothes you feel sexy in. Don’t forget shoes, your engagement ring, and maybe a distinctive necklace or earrings

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