Brooch Bouquet by Bloomsberry Floral


Brooch Bouquets: A Creative and Fun Accent on Your Wedding

Looking for a bouquet which will really make heads turn? Brooch Bouquets add a modern feel to your wedding while creating a personal accent which will leave your guests talking. At Bloomsberry Floral, a local florist, Lisa creates brooch bouquets to fit her bride’s wants and needs.



Collect Brooches from those close to you to make your bouquet personal and fun! It is a uniquely wonderful way to involve those you care about in your wedding. Most of Lisa’s clients will supply her with 40-50 brooches for a bouquet.

Brooch Bouquet by Bloomsberry Floral

Lisa began designing these bouquets three years ago for The Art of Weddings Event and since then, her gorgeous arrangements have been sent to brides throughout the country.

If you supply the Brooches the bouquet will cost $325. A small price to pay for such a special focal point of your wedding.

Brooch Bouquet by Bloomsberry Floral

Not only will a Brooch Bouquet by Bloomsberry Floral shine on your wedding day, it also makes a fabulous keepsake filled with fun memories!

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