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The Art of Weddings 2013 Bridal Show

Every winter we host a high-end, swanky, entertaining bridal show. The first of it’s kind for Portland, it was started over ten years ago and has been evolving ever since. From different venue’s to a selection of Oregon’s top wedding vendors, every year the bridal show brings fresh ideas and displays for the discerning brides. We are excited to have the 2013 Bridal Show hosted at The Armory at Portland Center Stage. It’s one of the most beautiful venue’s in downtown Portland and you won’t want to miss this bridal show! Mark your calendar for Thursday, January 3rd, 2013.

The upcoming Art of Weddings is sponsored by Portland Bride and Groom Magazine and McMenamin’s Hotels. Watch the video below from the last show to see what it’s all about. Check back here regularly for updates on the event. Tickets will go on sale around the end of November, beginning of December. Vendors who would like to participate please email Alexis at



Wedding Beauty: Feel Confident with Kirstie Wight on Your Wedding Day

Nothing is worse than getting ready for a special event and feeling like you look like a frumpy overstuffed muppet with too much makeup on (I have been there, I promise). To avoid that on your wedding day it is important to find a skilled makeup artist who will consult with you about the particular look you would like to achieve on your wedding day. Kirstie Wight was at our Art of Weddings event in Portland earlier this year and we think she has what it takes for just about any bride.

Bridal Beauty: 3 Tips for Wedding Day Makeup

  1. Try to find a place with good light for your makeup artist. Some makeup artists bring their own lighting set up, but a good base of natural light is always welcome. If your holding an outdoor wedding, make sure to check the makeup out in that light before you head down the aisle.
  2. Blend. Blend again. Then blend some more. Makeup lines are just as bad as underwear lines, eek!
  3. Don’t forget the eye drops. Often, brides have had little sleep or get overly emotional, or over stressed on their wedding day. A few eye drops really will eliminate red eyes.

Wedding day makeup is definitely an art and if you are unsure of what sort of look you like, Kirstie can help you with suggestions based on your skin tone, dress, and style. If all else fails, a more natural look may be the way to go for your wedding day makeup. Especially if you don’t wear much makeup everyday (oh, the life of an Oregonian girl). You want to look at your wedding photos and recognize yourself, so be cautious with anything to different than your normal color palette.

Kirstie Wight elevated the beauty of all these brides and can do the same for you.

wedding day makeup and bridal beauty

A fresh look for this bride.

bridal makeup, wedding day makeup

A very romantic and elegant look.

natural wedding day makeup

This is a perfect natural look for wedding day makeup.

Thinking about Boudoir Photos for your groom after our Peek A Boo post yesterday? Kirstie Wight does makeup for that as well.

boudoir makeup Portland

wedding makeup

Yep, that looks good. See you at Art of Weddings next year Kirstie Wight!


Advertise on Art of Weddings!

We worked extra long and hard to revamp The Art of Wedding’s website. Instead of it just focusing on the annual event it now combines a blog, event information and vendor search. We wanted to bring the same look and feel that the bridal show has, clean & modern to the website. The whole website focuses on Oregon weddings and vendors. We love living in the Pacific Northwest and being around so many talented people and wanted the new website to reflect that.

As a talented and professional wedding vendor in Oregon you now have a way to reach lovely, artistic and modern brides. Each vendor category only has five vendors listed under it so you don’t fall to the bottom of a page making it hard for brides to find you. You stand out as soon as they click on your category, how great is that? By being a part of the website you are linking yourself with a brand name that stands out and values professionalism and creativity.

Ad spots are currently available at a great price making it a perfect time to sign up and promote your wedding business before the busy season starts. Simply click on the ad you want to purchase and a new window will open. From there find your category and ad size and then fill in all the info. Just remember to click “YES” to subscription and make sure your ad tile is sized correctly. If you need help feel free to email us at We’re here to help and make you more successful!


Bridal Fashion Show Images

Bridal Fashion Show Images

Here are more images from the 2012 Art of Wedding bridal show. We were thrilled with the fashion show and the variety of designers who were a part of it. The show included Cocoon Silk, Urchin Redesign, Embellish, Charlotte’s Weddings and More and men’s suits by Duchess Clothier.  Get inspired for your own wedding day and reach out to these talented Portland gown designers to find the perfect dress for you! I know we have our eye a few of these gowns:)





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