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Sparkly Wedding Decor

Sparkly Wedding Decor

With the holiday season in full swing, the excitement of a new year is quickly approaching. We love the rich colors and elements of shine during this time of the year. It’s so much fun to put on some extra sparkly jewelry or a glittery top while celebrating the holidays. Why not add that element of sparkle to your wedding day? Glam it up easily with a fabulous glitter covered table cloth. It adds instant shine and puts everyone in the mood to celebrate and party! How about a just married sign covered in silver glitter or enhance your invitations with gold sparkles. There are so many ways you can add a bit of sparkle to your wedding day. Whether it’s in tones of gold or silver, you can’t go wrong with this elegant and fun texture. These sparkly ideas don’t have to be saved just for winter weddings, they would also look amazing anytime of the year! Check out of the fav’s that we found and wanted to share with you. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all of you!



Silver and white are the perfect combo for this elegant table setting. The table cloth dresses up the the event and all the other decor stays simple.


 Create your own Just Married sign. Cut holes first before adding the glitter. Head to your local craft store and find thick cardboard letters. Use a craft glue and then go crazy with the glitter! Add the sign to the back of your chairs at the reception for a little extra bling!


Stray away from the typical silver and gold for this warm rose tone. Make this the bride and groom table so you two feel extra special!

sparklecake We love this simple and modern cake! The square shape with alternating silver sparkles is fabulous! Add your favorite color such as lavender to brighten it up.

Five Ways to Save Money for your Wedding

Five Ways to Save Money for your Wedding

Weddings are considered one of the most epic days in one’s lifetime besides the prom, and expect that weddings will be very pricey to begin with. However, there are various ways to cut down huge wedding budgets, but will still provide epic results when the big day comes. Don’t worry, we will be providing these various tips in your way to settling down at the first step of making a family. Let’s begin and roll the red carpet!

Be sure to click on this awesome link with advice from real couples and an online budget calculator.



1. Avoid Over Accommodation
This is one of the reasons why the expenses become too expensive, you might be welcoming enough to invite distant relatives, your friends that almost forgot you and that annoying cousin as well! Do not invite too many people at your wedding if you want to budget, we don’t want you to become selfish, it’s just that there are “things where they are needed to be”. And most of all, there are the social networking sites that can give you thumbs up, or a greeting of “best wishes” and “congratulations” for you and your beloved, together with some pictures to show off to them.

2. Friends are the Best Reference
Believe it or not, if you have a close friend around, then that means they might be able to help you. Some might be wedding planners, handles venues for reception, or maybe a minister that makes weddings official. The best thing about this is that they might give you discounts, or place it on the house just for you to enjoy the moment. Try to ask them if you know their background, and if not, ask them if they have someone to refer to. This fact also extends up to family members and relatives.

3.Be sure to canvass and negotiate
Be sure to be strategic in making the ultimate budget, look for different venues, investigate a lot, double-check their list, and make comparisons on the expenses to ensure that you will not be blindly attracted by the venue and get shocked by the price offered to you. You can also check online for reviews about wedding venues and receptions, and so as the price for that. Also watch out for sales to have better discounts, and watch carefully for contract signing.


4. Borrow some items
Sometimes, we just need to resist some cravings. Borrow some stuff from your parents, grandparents or siblings. Surely they will be able to help you with some items like rings or dresses. And, if you want to, you can borrow money from them, just make sure to pay it afterwards or on a settled date.

5. Do It Yourself

It is your own style anyway, do it depending upon your preference. You can do the invitations by yourself, make some decorations if you have available recourses or own a business for these designs. There are many ways to use that knowledge of yours to lessen the cost, plus show off your own effort for your wedding.


Thank you to Jenny C. for the guest blog post. We hope you find her tips and advice helpful for your wedding day!

Halloween Wedding Decor

Halloween Wedding Decor

Halloween is right around the corner, this is such a fun time of the year. I love crisp cool air and warm sun. It’s fun to walk through all the colored leaves that have fallen off the tree’s and to admire the amazing palette of colors they make. We indulge in yummy treats like carmel apples and apple pie and enjoy the days before the coldness of winter arrives. Why not celebrate your wedding with a fall and Halloween theme? Each year you’ll have a fun time enjoying your anniversary and something as simple as the smell of apples baking in the oven could bring back memories of saying I do!

Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your Halloween wedding planning. The items we’ve found below add a vintage feel to your wedding without making it feel like a kid’s party. Enjoy and happy planning!


We saw these hand-carved foam pumpkins and immediately had to share them with you. Order yours for your wedding day and place it on the head table as a fun center piece.

white pumpkin


Add some fun to your bar decor at the wedding reception with this printable poster.


We love the rich, jewel tone colors in these save the date and wedding invitation cards.


Add some spooky signage with this wedding seating chart.

seating chart

Have fun labeling your dessert table with these vintage inspired buffet picks.

vintage candy labels

Label your table numbers with these wickedly unique bat table cards.

bat table cards

Pinwheel, Pinwheel Turning Around!

Pinwheel, Pinwheel Turning Around!

When it comes to decorations for your wedding there are some ideas that show up and everyone jumps on board. Remember the mustache craze? Folks everywhere were posing with fake mustaches in their wedding photos. Then after awhile it becomes so over done that no one wants to do it. We found a trend online and were wondering if the same thing would happen to this one. The pinwheel has made a come back and we are seeing it in brides bouquets, on cakes and on quilts. What do you think? Love it or leave it? Is this something you would add to your day for a bit of whimsy or say pass and go the more traditional route? Let us know your thoughts!



 pinwheel wedding







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