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Sparkly Wedding Decor

With the holiday season in full swing, the excitement of a new year is quickly approaching. We love the rich colors and elements of shine during this time of the year. It’s so much fun to put on some extra sparkly jewelry or a glittery top while celebrating the holidays. Why not add that element […] Read more…


Five Ways to Save Money for your Wedding

Weddings are considered one of the most epic days in one’s lifetime besides the prom, and expect that weddings will be very pricey to begin with. However, there are various ways to cut down huge wedding budgets, but will still provide epic results when the big day comes. Don’t worry, we will be providing these […] Read more…


Pinwheel, Pinwheel Turning Around!

When it comes to decorations for your wedding there are some ideas that show up and everyone jumps on board. Remember the mustache craze? Folks everywhere were posing with fake mustaches in their wedding photos. Then after awhile it becomes so over done that no one wants to do it. We found a trend online […] Read more…

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Winter Weddings Decorations

Winter shouldn’t be off your list when choosing a wedding date. Some of the most lovely events take place indoors during the “off-season”. Stray away from the traditional winter themes of bright red roses and holiday themed decor. Instead create a winter wonderland and invite you guests to cozy up and stay awhile! Below are […] Read more…


Wedding Arbors Cool Enough to Get Married Under

Summer is just around the corner, which means outdoor weddings are in full planning mode. Today’s wedding search led me to take a look into wedding arbors. Wedding arbors can be made from a variety of fun materials including balloons, flowers, paper flowers, plants, lights, trees, or anything else you can think up! Scroll to […] Read more…

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