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Real Oregon Wedding: Brittany and Doug at Castaway

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Real Oregon Wedding: Brittany and Doug at Castaway

Brittany and Doug were married at the gorgeous Castaway Portland. While they had a few rain drops on their wedding day, you would have never known it by the brightness of their smiles and their infectious happiness. It was a beautiful day and every detail came together beautifully.

I love the personal details they included in their reception, including the use of Doug’s family plaid. It was the perfect Spring wedding!

We have included a complete list of vendors at the bottom of the page for your reference. All were incredible to work with!




Foe & Dear Wedding Jewelry

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Foe & Dear Wedding Jewelry

We love being the first to know about new collaborations. Especially when they are as fabulous as this pair. We are also big fans of supporting local & small business. Take a moment to bask in the beauty of this delicate wedding jewelry that will make any bride feel extra special on her big day. Be sure to shop their online gallery link below to learn more!

Working with like-minded brands has become an annual project for Truvelle, and now the Vancouver bridal designer is ready to launch their first 2017 Maker Collaboration. While it may seem obvious for a wedding dress designer and jewelry brand to partner, the designs resulting from this particular collaboration with local maker Foe & Dear are anything but conventional. With quality metal sourced from a supplier in the city, and naturally-occurring moonstones used in place of diamonds, these dream-worthy pieces bring a unique option to the table for the simple and effortless bride. Even more, the subtle iridescence of these stones gift brides their little something blue. 

For all of the conscious consumers out there, this collection is designed and handcrafted entirely in Vancouver by F&D Founder Katherine Huie, and can be found exclusively in Truvelle’s online shop and Gastown Showroom. 

Image Credits:

Jewelry : Foe & Dear

Creative Direction : Truvelle

Photographer : Gillian Stevens Photography

Hair & Makeup : The Artistry Collective

Model : Shereen Jupp 

Location : The Wild Bunch

Truvelle’s 2017 Bridal Gown Collection – Sneak Peak

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Truvelle’s 2017 Bridal Gown Collection – Sneak Peak

We are excited to share with you something that came across our desk recently. The release of lovely wedding gowns for 2017. This collection is simple yet elegant and we hope you enjoy it and get ideas for your wedding day.
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Unlike any other collection the made-in-Canada brand has designed thus far, Truvelle’s 2017 line takes the perception of a wedding gown to all new heights. This season, Creative Director and Founder Gaby Bayona explores a more flirtatious side of her bride with low-dipping necklines and an emphasis on backless details, all the while staying true to Truvelle’s effortless charm.
View More:

While the authenticity of Truvelle will forever remain in the brand’s designs, the new collection truly sets itself apart with bolder cuts and geometric features that cater to the modern bride. The Carrall gown, predicted to be a top-seller for 2017, features a deep-V bodice met with a criss-crossed taupe satin ribbon leading the eye to the gown’s noteworthy back. The colours used this season are both subtle and sultry, combining mochas and pearls with fresh shades of white for a stand-out dress. 

3-columbia-august-26thView More:

Truvelle 2017 will offer a sigh of relief to brides searching for design-forward details that are both feminine and unique, remaining true to the bridal brand’s mission for careful, quality craftsmanship. The new collection is sure to make past brides carefully consider renewing their vows that much sooner for a chance to wear Truvelle all over again.

Photographer : Kristy Ryan of Blush Wedding Photography
Hair & Make-Up : Emily Cheng

Photographer : Kristy Ryan of Blush Wedding Photography
Florist : Days of May
Hair & Make-Up : Emily Cheng


How to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day Wearing Bridal Pearl Jewelry

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How to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day Wearing Bridal Pearl Jewelry

pearls on your wedding day

There is a superstition linking wedding and pearls in the worst ways possible, but just like any superstition or myth, it cannot keep its ground in the face of substantial evidence. Pearls make some of the most luxuriant, beautiful, and refined gems to wear on your wedding day. They won’t bring you tears of sorrow but of joy, as pearls symbolize unity, harmony, and wealth.

The Ancient Greek considered that pearls were the tears of Gods and for all good reasons – they are precious, gorgeous and timeless gems that make some of the most exquisite pieces of contemporary jewelry. If you want to look truly ravishing on your wedding day, let’s see a few tips and tricks to follow when picking the perfect bridal pearl jewelry set.

Not All Pearls Are White

Many consider that pearls are white and sometimes, seldom, black. But they come in a wide array of overtones and hues, and they should be picked according to your personality, skin tone, hair color, and wedding dress style.

  • Lavender pearls are bold and unique, quite rare and highly appraised. They will flatter any bridal attire especially if your skin and hair are a bit darker.
  • Pink pearls are youthful, joyful and bohemian, so they work great with a fairytale-like dress or laidback unconventional bridal outfit. And if you have light skin and blonde hair, you will look striking beyond words.
  • You can also try silver or golden hued pearls, champagne ones and even aqua blue, aubergine or olive toned ones – they should match the dress color and not clash with it, and they should brighten and highlight your complexion and facial features.
  • The trick when choosing your pearl jewelry is to manage to incorporate the pieces into the overall attire, wedding party theme, and your personal style. While white pearls are indeed the simplest choice when it comes to bridal outfits, you can and should try adding a tiny splash of buzzing color for a ravishing effect.
  • If you wear a dress in a different nuance than plain crisp white, you should go with metallic bronze, deep gold or copper overtones of jewelry, as flashy metals like white gold and silver and flashy gems like diamonds, crystals, and Zirconia stones clash against hues like ivory, cream, and egg shell and so on. This is why you should go for pearls in different champagne nuances, pink ones and even golden overtones.

Pick the Right Pearl Jewelry for You

When you get to choose your wedding pearls, you need to know a few things about what is right for you and what doesn’t work so well with your bridal attire.

  • When you pick your pearl earrings, make sure you have your bridal headpiece on (veil, hat, crown, tiara, pins, etc.). The earrings shouldn’t be overwhelmed and made invisible by your headpiece, but they should discretely shimmer and light up your skin tone and face lines.
  • If you are petite in size, you should pick small pearl earrings (studs for instance); if you are tall, you can go for shoulder length ones and chandelier ones, especially if you have an off-shoulders or a strapless wedding dress.
  • Don’t stack too many metals and gems – if you have your pearl engagement ring on your finger and the wedding band in the same metal, you should stop here. Stacking rings on your fingers is flashy. Keep your manicure neat and tidy and have the most two important rings speak volumes about elegance and refinement. Also, if you wear pearls, the metal setting of the jewelry is enough.

Pick pearl pieces you will wear every day after the wedding: if you want big, bold, chunky sparkling bridal accessories, you should rent them. If you want exquisite pieces to wear at the office, with a casual outfit or an elegant one for years to come, then pick a pearl jewelry set with necklace or pendant, earrings, and bracelet. They will be your most faithful companions every time you will want to spice up, highlight, pull together and style any attire, either formal or casual chic.

Pearls are just like the little black dress: ageless and better with time. They make a very good investment and they can be passed down from one generation to the next – thus making them the best “something old” your daughter or granddaughter will receive in her entire life.

We hope you find the right set of pearls for your wedding day!

Every Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Comes with a Story

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Every Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Comes with a Story


vintage engagement rings

An engagement ring is laden with significance – social, historical and emotional. Its value is unparalleled when accessing material goods. To elevate an engagement ring to such heights is not hyperbole. It represents and defines commitment between a couple, a deep bond, an abiding love and the confirmation of the hope for a future together. It is not an item which one should purchase without a good deal of thoughtful research. That said, while there are certainly options for an engagement ring – the local mass-market mall jeweller or a contemporary custom design. But there’s little with the import and history that a vintage diamond ring can provide.

If it’s good enough for Scarlett Johansson, why not you, or your intended fiancé? If in excellent condition, a vintage diamond ring is the better choice for any number of reasons. Of course, one of the first and foremost reasons is the unique nature – you’ll be presenting your fiancé with a one-of-a-kind piece of extraordinary relevance. Because of the care necessary for a ring to survive decades and still be worthy to be presented to your betrothed — with the hope that she’ll wear it for her lifetime – vintage fine jewellery cannot just be purchased anywhere. Take care where you shop. You must find a reputable jewellery dealer and one with the experience to find you what you want and need. Start with a company that specifically offers vintage diamond engagement rings for sale.

A vintage diamond engagement ring will likely have been handcrafted using techniques and methods rarely used today. In today’s engagement ring universe, diamonds are available in specific cuts: round, pear, emerald, radiant, marquise, heart, baguette, oval, cushion, trilliant, Asscher and princess. Some cuts popular in vintage diamond jewellery can be created today, but are rare.

These include:

  • Point cuts (which dates as far back, apparently, to the Middle Ages)
  • Single cuts
  • Rose-cut diamonds
  • French cut
  • Old-mine cushion cuts
  • Old European cuts (predecessor to modern round brilliant cut)
  • Crown
  • Pavilion
  • The aforementioned Asscher

Point-cut diamonds are considered the first diamond cut, but are actually not a cut at all.  A point-cut diamond keeps the diamond in a natural octahedron shape until it’s polished to a point

Rose cuts are circular but look like a blooming rose, due to triangular facets. This cut has gained renewed notoriety of late because “Friends’” star, actress Jennifer Aniston’s yellow-gold engagement ring from Justin Theroux is highlighted with a rose-cut diamond.

In the 1700s, a square-cut diamond dubbed a French cut became popular. The name is a bit of a misnomer because even though they were extremely popular in France, the cut wasn’t created there. It had a revival during the Art Deco period, too.

If you’d like to make some money to purchase a vintage diamond ring, or just to add some coin to your pocket in general, you can also look to sell jewellery or sell watches.

If selling jewellery or watches seems anathema, it isn’t. Selling items with less emotional significance:

  1. gives the seller an often welcome financial return
  2. gives a fellow collector the opportunity to own a missing or wanted piece

Either way, it is a mutually beneficial situation. Items with little sentimental value or don’t quite fit in your collection – are reasons you might choose to sell a vintage piece. Of course, you should make careful considerations, but don’t let anyone talk you out of something you feel is right – and for many of us, if it means the opportunity to bring something more coveted into a collection, it’s an easy decision.

Real Wedding: Joanarc & Brian

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Real Wedding: Joanarc & Brian

We are happy to share this lovely real wedding with you. Joanarc and Brian had a winter wedding and we love how elegantly they planned it. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

“For our wedding, which we planned for more than a year, we wanted to keep it simple and elegant since it is a celebration of our marriage witnessed by close friends and family. We limited the colors to black, white, and champagne, to create a modern feel but we filled the venue with flowers and lights to evoke a feeling of coziness – we wanted everything to be chill, for the guests to feel relaxed and for everyone, including us, to have fun.

We met in college. We’re both taking up Journalism at the University of Sto. Tomas. We were friends and hang out with the same group but we became close during our last year in college. We were both in problematic relationships and commiserated with each other. We stayed close until after graduation, getting coffee and drinking after work but it wasn’t until three years after graduation when we first kissed. We’ve been together ever since. 🙂 We had a year and a half to prepare so it was relatively easy. Also, I think we had an advantage because I work in PR so I handle a lot of events. My mom helped with the venue, I looked for our florist, wedding coordinator, the photographer, and the videographer. Brian looked for the band and handled the technical stuff.”

They were also kind enough to send us a video from their wedding day. Click here if you’d like to see it.
Wedding Details:
Venue: Midlands Clubhouse, Tagaytay Highlands, Philippines
Church: Madre de Dios Chapel, Tagaytay Highlands, Philippines
Date: February 27, 2016
Theme: Simple and Elegant
Motif: Black, White, Champagne

real wedding 1-98 2-17

real weddings TOTO3966 2-6 2-35 1-162 2-52 3-26 DSC04558 1-144 2-55

real weddings 1-178 1-209 1-228 4-1 IMG_5476a IMG_6425 IMG_6486 3H3A1982

A list of their vendors:

Photographer Toto Villaruel
Videographer Dreamechanics
Ceremony Venue Madre de Dios Chapel
Reception Venue Midlands Clubhouse
Bride’s Dress Vania Romoff
Bride’s Shoes Christian Louboutin
Bride’s Robe Mara Chua
Bridesmaid Dresses Mara Chua
Groom’s Attire Felipe & Sons
Hairstylist Jan Edrosolan
Makeup Artist Gery Penaso
Bouquets Serge Igonia
Flowers & Decor Serge Igonia
Event Stylist Serge Igonia
Cake Baker Sweet Solutions
Catering Tagaytay Highlands
Invitations & Stationery Katrina Tapang and Tefiny Tulod
Band The GoatCake
Ceremony Musicians Iris Gonzalez
Cece Nicolas- Mariano of Kiss The Girl Events
Lights and Sounds JS Mina
Female Entourage Favors Oliver and Maude
Male Entourage Favors Gouache Bags
Principal Sponsors Favors Oliver and Maude
Wedding Planner/Coordinator Kiss The Girl
Photo Booth Party Smarty PH
Real Wedding of Steve & Kristi

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Real Wedding of Steve & Kristi

You are in for a treat. Kristi and Steve had an opulent wedding day. She had three outfit changes! The long ruffled train detached and the gown was then sexy & beaded. For the reception she changed into a gold strapless gown perfect for partying in. How amazing is that? Besides the stunning gowns the decor at their wedding reception was beautiful. From the five tiered gold cake to the cascading center pieces with orchids, roses and tulips we want to be transported there now! The deep red, gold with black accents really made for a modern and decadent backdrop. What about the individual bottles of Moet Champagne for each guest? That’s an idea we can support. Sit back, grab a cup of tea and view a fairytale wedding that is truly one to remember. Thanks again for the couple so kindly sharing their images with us and to Blumenthal Photography for taking all the great images. Enjoy!

Vendor Info:

  • Ceremony: Ivy Merivale, Sydney
  • Reception (if different)
  • Wedding Dress: George Elsissa –
  • Bridesmaids dresses: Sweethearts Bridal –
  • Shoes: Stuart Weitzman –
  • Stationery: Adorn Wedding Invitations –
  • Flowers: Sydney Wedding Flowers
  • Groom(smen)’s suits: Hugo Boss
  • Accessories: Jewellery: Nader Jewellers –
  • Cake: Sweet Passion –
  • Photographer: Blumenthal Photography –
  • Make Up & Hair: Natalie Anne Hair –
  • Film: Untitled Film Works

real wedding art of weddings planning and decoration ideas NAKO-0014 NAKO-0018

How did the two of you meet?

Steve and I were childhood sweethearts… We started dating when we were just 15 years old after meeting at my friend’s older brother’s 17th birthday party. We may have been very young at the time but we were absolutely smitten with each other, and spent as much time together as our parents would allow. We decided to move in together when we start university, that was a true test of our patience, but perfect none the less!

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-0060 NAKO-0096 NAKO-0132

How did the proposal go?

For Valentine’s Day last year Steve surprised me by taking me hot air ballooning (I’d always wanted to go). We were watching the sun rise and absolutely freezing, luckily I had Steve to keep me warm. At one stage though he had stopped cuddling me, by the time I turned around to see what he was doing he was down on one knee with my stunning engagement ring gleaming up at me.

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-0232 NAKO-0286

How would you sum up your wedding in a few sentences?

Our wedding was definitely glamourous! The fact that I wore multiple different dresses on the day probably showcased that. We also focused our wedding décor around the contrast of gold and different shades of red. Our reception included over 2,000 individual flowers which really popped again our clear glass furniture and gold detailing. I really do think that glamourous is the best description!

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-0368 wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony -

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony -

What was important to you about your wedding?

I really wanted our guests to be blown away, by everything! With this in mind we really had no limits set; the more glitz the better! Thousands of flowers and hundreds of candles, we wanted every element of our wedding to be incomparable and unforgettable. My dresses were also very important to me; I couldn’t decide between having a big princess dress, or having a more sexy fitted dress… So in the end I decided to combine both! I also wanted to wow our guests with ANOTHER dress for the cutting of the cake, so I chose to literally match my dress with the cake and have gold detailing throughout.

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-0488 NAKO-0568 NAKO-0663 NAKO-0790

What made your venue “the one”?

We needed a big venue to comfortable house all of our guests, we also wanted something quite neutral that we could fill with all of our chosen wedding décor. Steve and I did a lot of research and visited a lot of different venues; when we finally stumbled upon the Ivy I knew it would be the perfect canvas for what I had in mind!

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-0839 NAKO-0873 NAKO-0882

What made the day really special to you?

Definitely Steve and my first dance together as a married couple! Neither of us had much ballroom dancing experience, and I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I made Steve take private dance lessons with me for a few weeks leading up to our wedding. After cutting our amazing cake our wedding song came on, it was quite nerve racking to start with but Steve made it fun and I soon relaxed.

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-0901
What advice would you give to brides and grooms planning their day?

On your wedding day; take a deep breath and enjoy yourself! Your whole day goes so quickly so you really don’t want to spend it stressing about minor details that may or may not go wrong. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are there to help you, take advantage of that! If there’s anything that they can do to help, ask them so that you have one less thing on your mind and you can really embrace the day!

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony -

Where did you go on honeymoon?

Steve and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We spent two weeks at the Hilton in Honolulu, sipped on cocktails every day and did way too much shopping! The two of us hadn’t been on a proper holiday together for a few years before that so we really made the most of our time away together, finally able to relax without needing to stress about any wedding details.

wedding- real- art of weddings - plan your wedding day - wedding decorations - real - weddings - ceremony - NAKO-1142